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Health and Wellbeing

Female Performance & Health Initiative

Delivering educational opportunities and resources relating to key female athlete performance and health considerations

Female athlete resources

Find infographics, fact sheets and links on a range of female athlete specific performance and health topics.

Practitioner resources

Through the Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) website, the AIS Female Performance & Health Initiative (FPHI) has established a secure practitioner resources page for practitioners working in the Australian High Performance sport system to maintain awareness of relevant insights and emerging research in this area of expertise.

The practitioner resources page also contains two referral networks to assist high performance medical and support staff access specialist medical and physical therapy expertise for female specific performance and health considerations.

Access requirements

The FPHI Specialist Networks are housed on a restricted webpage within the Clearinghouse for Sport.

Access (permission) has been granted to key Clearinghouse members working in the Australian high performance sport sector.

  • If you are a Chief Medical Officer, Performance Support Manager (or equivalent) or Lead Physiotherapist working within the High Performance system and are a member of the Clearinghouse for Sport, you will automatically have access.
  • If you are not yet a member please register by following this link.  
    Upon registration you will automatically be granted ‘public level’ access. Clearinghouse security requires staff to verify your account before you can access the ‘Female Performance Health Initiative’ content. Once verified, your account will be linked and you are free to access the content.

If you experience difficulty accessing the page, it is usually due to your account not being linked to a high performance organisation or you have forgotten your username and password.

Please contact the Clearinghouse team if you cannot log in and a staff member will be able to help you.

For those not familiar with the Clearinghouse:

The Clearinghouse for Sport is an Australian knowledge sharing initiative. Clearinghouse membership is free and available to everyone. Some areas of the Clearinghouse will be publicly available – like the knowledge information base on key topics relevant to the sport sector. Other areas of the Clearinghouse will be restricted to Australian high performance sport staff and require you to login. This is generally due to the licencing of resources – such as access to the full-text electronic journals and research databases, videos and research and reference services.


Medical Specialist Network

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Network

Research alerts

Go to Practitioner resources in Clearinghouse


Female athlete research from FPHI partners and the Australian high performance sport system.

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