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Workforce Development

Talent Programs

Leadership programs for women in high performance sport

Sport has the power to set new benchmarks and drive positive social change; one being equal representation in sport.

Through striving to achieve gender equity in sport it sets an important tone for the wider Australian public. It also opens doors for the next generation, shakes up unconscious bias and helps advocate for respectful behaviour towards women.

To help achieve this the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) runs several Talent Programs focused on advancing women who in coaching, Executive and STEMM roles.

The AIS manages the programs through the support of the Australian Government’s Office for Women who have a vested interest in this space.

The AIS Talent Programs aim to provide a deeper understanding about the below:

  • Self and system awareness – understanding personal strengths and tendencies under pressure
  • Personal identity and confidence – identifying career experiences and influences to assert greater choice
  • Leadership presence – understanding personal presence, crafting powerful stories for influence and negotiating win/win outcomes
  • Conscious connections – considering what it takes to develop authentic relationships, build genuine connections and create integrated networks
  • Diversity as a lever for change – understanding the enablers in organisations and how to influence change


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