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Supporting Australia’s national team programs in Olympic combat sports

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Combat Centre is a multi-sport Centre of Excellence (CoE).

The AIS Combat Centre was established in 2013 and has rapidly developed into a renowned training facility with a dedicated High Performance Management team that supports National Sport Organisations to deliver their High Performance programs, with a particular emphasis on senior elite combat sport athletes.

The AIS Combat Centre offers a range of multi-sport facilities and services for all Olympic combat sport disciplines. The facilities include:

  • International competition standard boxing ring
  • Two training boxing rings
  • An international wrestling mat and 900m2 of judo or jigsaw mats

The facility has 1320m2 of floor space and can therefore cater for multiple sports at the one time. The prominent program activity supported by the AIS Combat Centre includes a CoE Boxing program in Canberra targeted towards women’s boxing, a CoE Taekwondo program in Melbourne and national camp activity in Canberra for Judo, Fencing, Karate and Wrestling.

Outside of national program activity, the facility is open for commercial hire.

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Tel: +61 2 6214 1036

The National Sporting Organisations representing the Olympic combat sports in Australia are:

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