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Australian Institute of Sport

Intensive Rehabilitation

Supporting high performance athletes successfully return to performance.

Working in partnership with National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and the National Institute Network (NIN), AIS Intensive Rehabilitation supports injured Australian athletes return to performance through the delivery of intensive, integrated, complex rehabilitation solutions.

In seeking to improve complex rehabilitation outcomes across high performance sport in Australia, AIS Intensive Rehabilitation is committed to:

  • Supporting NSOs and the NIN to leverage sports science/sports medicine expertise for complex rehabilitation cases
  • Providing evidence-based, accessible resources that underpin contemporary practices in complex rehabilitation.


To be eligible for the AIS Intensive Rehabilitation program, applications must be received via AMS directly from the high performance sport.

AIS Intensive Rehabilitation Brochure

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Applications are accepted through the Athlete Management System (AMS).

If you have any issues with logging onto AMS, please contact

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In situations where an NSO believes that the AIS can provide services above and beyond that which is available to an athlete in their daily training environment, the AIS will deliver intensive, integrated rehabilitation solutions to assist in returning the accepted athlete to high performance sport. In partnering with AIS Intensive Rehabilitation, NSOs and the NIN will have access to:

  • A dedicated team of rehabilitation experts to develop and implement a robust return to performance plan
  • World-class sport science sports medicine facilities that support delivery of a holistic rehabilitation experience
  • Opportunities to embed staff with the AIS Intensive Rehabilitation team for capability building purposes.
Alpine Skier, Greta Small is recovering from her third ACL.Greta has had three different blocks of different lengths this year where the IR team had to be flexible to work around her on snow commitments as well as the COVID breaks and her other training priorities.

Rehabilitation Process

1 - Application
2 - Initial Review and Planning
  • Once the athlete is accepted, a consultation between AIS IR staff and NSO/NIN team to outline the terms and goals of the rehabilitation
  • Initial athlete review by AIS multidisciplinary team
  • Development of Rehabilitation Plan
  • Review meeting with AIS Intensive Rehabilitation team, NSO and athlete with agreement of rehabilitation plan by all parties
  • Opt out for both NSO and AIS
3 - Implementation
  • Collaborative implementation of rehabilitation plan
  • Ongoing review of rehabilitation plan and communication with NSO
4 - Return to NSO
  • Athlete returns to daily training environment as per Rehabilitation Plan
  • Collaborative review of case with athlete and NSO
  • Ongoing recommendations discussed with athlete and NSO

Who can benefit?

AIS Intensive Rehabilitation will benefit Australian high performance (categorised) athletes where:

  • A period of intensive residential rehabilitation may improve return to performance outcomes
  • The rehabilitation services available to the athlete in their daily training environment may not adequately support return to performance goals.
  • An independent review or second opinion of a complex rehabilitation scenario is sought by an NSO or NIN partner.

Further information

For further information on AIS Intensive Rehabilitation contact us at

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