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Workforce Development

Respectful Behaviours Management Framework

Addressing gender-based issues, power imbalances, and relationships in high performance sport.

The AIS Respectful Behaviours Management Framework has been developed by the AIS in conjunction with Deakin University to assist sports recognise and address issues surrounding gender-based inequalities and violence, power imbalances, and athlete/athlete and coach/athlete relations within their high performance (HP) sporting environments.

Environments where these concerns are present negatively impact the wellbeing of individual's involved, and the sport more broadly. Experiencing these cultures in the HP environment can also impact an individuals’ wellbeing and mental health after their time in sport concludes.

What is the AIS Respectful Behaviours Management Framework?

The AIS Respectful Behaviours Management Framework provides a comprehensive, evidence-based education program that can be tailored to the needs and various entry points of sport. The Framework provides a platform for developing inclusive and safe HP sporting environments as it addresses the intersectional forms of power relations that occur between athletes/coaches and athletes/athletes in high performance sport, as well as gender-based and sexual inequalities and oppression.

Research shows:

Involvement in longer term professional learning programs has significant impact on ‘cultural competence and cultural awareness’ rather than single session and adhoc interventions.

Participants are empowered to provide leadership in discussing and addressing matters of racism, prejudice, diversity and inclusivity in a proactive and constructive manner.

The likelihood of ‘high risk attitudes and beliefs’ being communicated to athletes is reduced when coaches, staff and senior management participate in respectful behaviours education professional learning.

Train the Trainer Workshop

As part of the redesigned delivery format of the Respectful Behaviours program, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to individuals in the sector to help build the capability of their organisation.

What’s on offer? Two day Train-the-Trainer workshop to provide additional knowledge and upskilling so you can support the delivery of the ‘standard’ Respectful Behaviours workshop to your organisation. It will equip you to provide ongoing support and guidance to your organisation.

The next Train the Trainer workshop will be held at the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia, O'Brien Icehouse in Melbourne (VIC) on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 June 2024.

Click here to register your interest.

Delivery of the Respectful Behaviours Management Framework

The AIS Respectful Behaviours Management Framework is comprised of nine modules conducted for HP athletes, coaches and staff, in a collaborative workshop setting. The workshops are tailored to match selected modules with the needs of the organisation and can be delivered either in-person or via video conferencing.


Please contact Briar Sefo, for further information about engaging in the program.

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