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AIS Elevate Program

Elevate Coach Program

A coach professional development program

The AIS Performance Pathways and Coach Development Teams are excited to introduce the AIS Elevate Coach Program which has been developed to build upon the successful Elevate e-Coach Program piloted in 2020.

AIS Elevate Coach will provide a bespoke blend of face-to-face and online support and development to Performance Pathway coaches. The program will be delivered from July 2021 as part of the AIS Performance Pathways Elevate series in collaboration with La Trobe University, University of Sydney and University of Queensland.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes will focus on knowledge, understanding and application of:

  • Self, values and coaching philosophy
  • How to build and maintain effective relationships with other Performance Pathway staff and stakeholders
  • Performance Pathway coaching and holistic athlete development knowledge

Coaches of athletes who are nationally categorised at Emerging, Developing and Podium Potential level sit at different points along a continuum with some being highly knowledgeable, experienced and skilled whereas others may be at a more developmental level. The unique feature of this program is that whilst content will be focused on Performance Pathway coaching knowledge of holistic athlete development, specific content has not been pre-determined. Instead AIS Performance Pathways and the university partners will work collaboratively with coaches from the outset to ensure suitability and relevance of content to meet individual needs.


Program design will be based around the principles of integrative knowledge transfer, a process where program staff will work collaboratively with coaches from the outset to individualise learning outcomes. Design and delivery will be underpinned by a research process that will consist of three elements:

  • Needs Analysis - where coaches will be invited to contribute to the co-creation of program content
  • Survey completion
  • Interviews

This process is designed to align with the principles of co-creation where suitability and relevance of the program content to meet individual needs will rely upon a process of reciprocal engagement:

Engage – Explain – Examine – Explore - Apply

This research component is a unique feature of the AIS Elevate Coach program, specifically aligned in order to inform design and delivery for both current and future cohorts. All coaches will be encouraged to participate in, and contribute to, both learning and research.

Current program participants - Cohort 5 Elevate Coach 2022

Coach NameNSO/SportCoach of Able/Para athlete
Beau Mitchell Skate Australia Able
Ben Senior Hockey Australia Able
Jackie Gallagher Athletics Australia Able
Brady Lowe Australian Sailing Able
Amber Cross Netball Australia Able
Christian Fabris Paddle Australia Able
Kelly Stirton Football Australia Para
Sarah Hiesler Gymnastics Australia Able
Alex King Archery Australia Para
Harriet Jones Diving Australia Able
William Howard AusCycling Able
Annabelle Eaton Rowing Australia Able
Catherine Berry Shooting Australia Para
Brianna Mears Volleyball Australia Able
Thomas Calvert Squash Australia Able
Peter McKenna Triathlon Australia Able
Sonia Johnson Equestrian Australia Able
Jason Lees Wheelchair Rugby Para
Janna Mizens Basketball Australia Able
Matthew Brown Swimming Australia Able

Past program participants


For further information, please contact:
Dr Graham Turner, Performance Pathway Coaching Consultant –

La Trobe Univeristy
University of Queensland
University of Sydney
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