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Australian Institute of Sport

Research Submissions

Ensuring that research in Australia's National High Performance Sports System meets the highest scientific and ethical standards

Researchers working within the National High Performance Sports System (NHPSS), and conducting research that involves human participants, are invited to submit research proposals to the AIS for review and ethics approval.

Two AIS committees are positioned to verify that research in the NHPSS fulfils the guidelines set by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

AIS Research Submission Process

The AIS research submission process below outlines the order of engagement between the researcher and the two AIS committees.

Researchers are invited to engage with the RRC as early as possible to initiate the research submission process.

COVID-19: Research Risk Management

The AIS is committed to effective mitigation of infection transmission risk.
Where research involves face-to-face interaction between personnel - including the research team and/or participants - researchers must complete a COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan (RAMP). This applies to both new and previously approved submissions.

Where previously approved research involves face-to-face interaction between personnel, a COVID-19 RAMP should be submitted to the RRC before recommencing research activities. Ethics approval will be temporarily suspended until a COVID-19 RAMP is approved by the RRC.

Stage 1 - RRC Review

1.1 - Submit
Researcher submits EC submission form and RRC review form

1.2 - RRC Review
RRC reviews and comments on EC submission form

1.3 - RRC Feedback
RRC comments on the submission

1.4 - Return
RRC returns both forms to the researcher

Stage 2 - Adjustment (If required)

2.1 - Adjust (If required)
Researcher responds to RRC review comments

2.2 - Resubmit
Researcher submits revised forms

2.3 - RRC Review (Secondary)
RRC conducts secondary review of submission

2.4 - Advise
The researcher is advised of the review outcome

Stage 3 - EC Review

3.1 - Submit
Researcher submits EC submission form and signed RRC review form to EC

3.2 - EC Review
EC members review the EC submission form

3.3 - EC Meeting Review
EC reviews EC submission form at EC meeting

3.4 - Advise
EC advises researcher of review outcome


For further information

Please contact the AIS Research Review Committee -

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