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AIS Ethics Committee

Submission dates

Submission Dates

The EC meets 6 times per year. Calls for research submissions are made approximately 8 weeks before each EC meeting, as per the AIS research submission process.

Remember to submit to the RRC  first.

Please note:

  • A decision on ethics approval is provided to applicants within 10 working days after a meeting
  • Meeting dates are subject to change.

2024 Round

Call for

Submit to RRC
by Midday

RRC Meeting

Submit to EC
by Midday

EC Meeting

February 2024

23rd January

29th January

5th February

12th February

20th February

March 2024

29th January

17th February

1st March

10th March

26th March

May 2024

3rd April

21st April

6th May

12th May

28th May

July 2024

30th May

16th June

1st July

7th July

23rd July

September 2024

31st July

18th August

2nd September

8th September

24th September

November 2024

3rd October

20th October

4th November

10th November

26th November

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