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Submission dates

Submission Dates

The EC meets 6 times per year. Calls for research submissions are made approximately 6 weeks before each EC meeting, as per the AIS research submission process.

Remember to submit to the RRC  first.

Please note:

  • A decision on ethics approval is provided to applicants within 10 working days after a meeting
  • Meeting dates are subject to change.
2020 RoundCall for
Submit to RRC
by Midday
Submit to EC
by Midday
EC Meeting
February 2020 2nd Januaryn/a 24th January 11th February 2020
April 2020 2nd Marchn/a 3rd April 21st April 2020
June 2020 11th May19th June 2nd June 16th June 2020
August 2020 29th June10th July 24th July 11th August 2020
October 2020 31st August11th September 25th September 13th October 2020
November 2020 9th October23rd October3rd NovemberTBC: 10th November 2020
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