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Australian Institute of Sport

Research Submissions

Ensuring that research in Australia's National High Performance Sports System meets the highest scientific and ethical standards

AIS Ethics Committee (EC)

The AIS Ethics Committee (EC) assesses the ethical implications of research projects undertaken in the National High Performance Sports System (NHPSS).

The EC is an established Human Research Ethics Committee and abides by the National Health and Medical Research Council’s National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2023).

Researchers working within the National Institutes Network (NIN), National Sporting Organisations (NSOs), or with identified partners, are encouraged to apply for ethics approval from the EC.

AIS Ethics Committee Review: Possible Outcomes


An Ethics Committee letter of approval will be sent to the applicant via email. Research may commence following receipt of an approval letter.

Resubmission Required

An email or letter will be sent to the applicant detailing the EC's requests for amendments. The applicant will be asked to respond to EC requests and resubmit their EC submission form for review.

Additional Resources

For further information

Please contact the AIS Ethics Committee Secretariat -

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