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Australian Institute of Sport

Research Submissions

Ensuring that research in Australia's National High Performance Sports System meets the highest scientific and ethical standards

AIS Research Review Committee (RRC)

The AIS Research Review Committee (RRC) assesses the scientific rigour and validity of methods for newly proposed research within the National High Performance Sports System (NHPSS).

Research that meets the criteria for application to the AIS Ethics Committee (EC) must first be reviewed by the RRC.

The RRC provides feedback to assist researchers in meeting the standards for research set by the NHPSS and the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

AIS Research Review Committee Review: Possible Outcomes


The RRC Chair will provide a signed RRC review form and invite the applicant to make a submission to the AIS Ethics Committee (EC).

Amendment Required

The RRC will comment on the EC submission form and return it to the applicant with an RRC review form. The applicant will be asked to respond to RRC comments and resubmit their EC submission for a secondary RRC review.

For further information

Please contact the AIS Research Review Committee Secretariat -

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