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AIS Intensive Rehabilitation

Supporting high performance athletes successfully return to performance.

Rehabilitation Process


Initial Review and Planning

  • A consultation between AIS IR Staff and NSO/NIN team outlines the terms and goals of the rehabilitation period
  • Initial athlete review by AIS multidisciplinary team and written report provided to NSO/NIN
  • Development of Rehabilitation Plan in consultation with NSO/NIN
  • Review meeting with AIS Intensive Rehabilitation team, NSO and athlete with agreement of rehabilitation plan by all parties
  • Opt out for both NSO and AIS


  • Implementation of agreed rehabilitation plan by the multidisciplinary AIS IR Team
  • Ongoing review of rehabilitation plan by AIS IR Team in collaboration with NSO/NIN

Return to NSO

  • Athlete returns to daily training environment as per rehabilitation plan
  • Collaborative review of case with athlete and NSO inclusive of a written discharge report to the NSO/NIN
  • Ongoing recommendations discussed with athlete and NSO
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