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Australian Institute of Sport

AIS Intensive Rehabilitation

Supporting high performance athletes successfully return to performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and National Institutes/Academies of Sport can submit an AIS Intensive Rehabilitation application on behalf of an Australian high performance athlete. Access to the Athlete Management System is required.

Please refer to the eligibility criteria prior to submitting an application.

Applications for AIS Intensive Rehabilitation can be submitted year round.

Yes, AIS Intensive Rehabilitation is at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra so you will need to relocate for the duration of your rehabilitation.

The duration of your time with the AIS Intensive Rehabilitation Team will be determined in consultation with your NSO/NIN and is dependent on the nature of your injury and the agreed rehabilitation plan. Learn more about AIS IR Program options.

In the lead up to the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, the AIS will offer its IR services and accommodation free of charge to selected or current shadow list athletes who meet the criteria.

The cost of flights and external services, such as those incurred when seeing a specialist physician, will be borne by the athlete and/or their NSO/NIN.

There is no limit to the number of times an NSO or National Institute/Academy of Sport can apply on behalf of an athlete.

A multidisciplinary team of AIS sport specialists will support each athlete. The IR team will work closely with the athlete’s daily training environment support team during their time with AIS Intensive Rehabilitation to ensure a successful return to performance.

Yes, the AIS Intensive Rehabilitation team will respond to all applications – successful and unsuccessful – within 7 days of submission.

Each AIS Intensive Rehabilitation application is reviewed against the eligibility criteria by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists. Reasons for an unsuccessful application might therefore include:

  • The athlete is not a categorised high performance athlete
  • The AIS Intensive Rehabilitation team is of the view that they can’t add value beyond the rehabilitation services and facilities available to the athlete in their daily training environment
  • The return to performance objective does not warrant an intensive rehabilitation intervention.

Further, in reviewing each application consideration is given to the capacity of the AIS Intensive Rehabilitation team. Applications may not be accepted if the AIS Intensive Rehabilitation is operating at capacity.

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