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Sport Facilities

Pool and Lane Hire

The AIS Aquatic Centre is the perfect venue to hold your school, club, local, district, zone, state or national swimming carnival.

Lane hire is also available for one off or regular training and the Centre can be hired for a range of sports including water polo and artistic swimming.

Facilities available for hire are included below. Please note facilities are predominantly for community use and events. The hiring of any Facilities for commercial purpose or to undertake a business is not permitted, without the express approval of the ASC and payment of any appropriate commercial fees.

Please also refer to the specific Conditions of Entry for the Aquatic Centre.

  • Suitable for public lap swimming, learn to swim classes, aqua recovery and fitness classes
  • 15m x 25m heated pool
  • Depth of 1.1m throughout
  • 6 lanes
  • Water temperature of 30 degrees
  • Suitable for public and high performance swimming, learn to swim classes, aqua recovery and fitness classes, swimming carnivals and competitions (long and short course), water polo and synchronised swimming
  • 20m x 50m heated pool
  • Depth of 2.2m throughout
  • 8 lanes
  • Water temperature of  27 degrees
  • Can be divided for more optimal use, including into two 25 metre pools through a moveable bulkhead
  • Comfortable seating for up to 500 spectators available for events.
  • Other features include:
    • AQUA approved starting blocks, backstroke ledges and lane ropes
    • TV Lighting
    • Video Score Board
    • Quantum timing system with a score board interface
    • Enclosed automatic officiating equipment room
    • PA system
  • Suitable for testing and training of high performance athletes
  • 25m x 50m heated pool
  • Depth of 3.0m throughout
  • 10 lanes
  • Water temperature of  27 degrees
  • Underwater viewing windows in conjunction with state of the art water filtration system provides  a unique photo and filming opportunity and provides coaches with the perfect location from which to evaluate and analyse training techniques
  • Extensive range of biomechanical testing equipment available including:
    • Instrumented start blocks - measure the force, acceleration, angle and timing of swimmers off the blocks
    • Instrumented wall - concealed behind touch pads on three lanes - provides data on force, acceleration, push off angle and timing for swimmer's turns and backstroke starts.
  • ARES electronic timing system with a score board interface

Find out more or make a booking

Contact the Events and Sports Camps team who will be with you every step of the way to optimise your time at the AIS.
PH: (02) 6214 1036


Please refer to the Conditions of Hire of AIS Facilities.

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