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Leadership and Professionalism

Transformational Leadership Programs

Mindset, behaviour, and perception development

The AIS Transformational programs have been designed to support mindset, behaviour, and perception development to build leadership effectiveness.

These programs are held over an extended period to provide leaders with the opportunity to immerse and apply learning within their organisation’s environment. The programs will aim to equip participants with complex and adaptive thinking abilities that will empower them to become agile leaders.

High-Performance Leaders

The High-Performance Leaders program aims to support mindset, behaviour and perception development to build leadership effectiveness.

Target Group:

- HP Directors

Program Overview:

Program currently in diagnostic/design phase and will be available in 2022

Team Leadership (Performance Support)

Increasing depth, and effectiveness of leadership across Performance Support in the high performance sport system.

Target Group:

- Performance Support

Program Overview:

3 x two day workshops commencing May and concluding in October

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