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Workforce Development

Leadership and Professionalism

Building capability within the High Performance sport system.

The Leadership and Professionalism Team strives to build capability within the high performance (HP) sport system, by supporting the development of individual and collective leadership and safe, holistic high performing cultures.

Individual Development

Building individual capability in leaders across key system roles and supporting system connections.

Professionals Skills Programs

AIS Professional Skill programs are designed to support the development of skill and knowledge required in roles across the High-Performance sport system.
Transformational Leadership Programs

AIS Transformational Leadership programs have been developed to build leadership effectiveness in individual role holders from High-Performance sport.
Women’s Talent Programs

The AIS Women’s Talent programs are key initiatives focused on women leaders in High-Performance sport as part of the WLIS program.
Leaders in Performance

The AIS has partnered with Leaders Performance Institute to stimulate high-performance learning and development by reflecting on leading behaviours and practices.

Team and Culture Development

Building collective capability by supporting teams to establish the internal conditions and behaviours necessary to achieve sustainable high performance.

Team Dynamics

The program will support teams to establish the internal conditions and behaviours necessary to achieve sustainable high performance.
Cultural Diagnostics

The Cultural Diagnostics is designed to help High-Performance programs to understand culture as it is being experienced.
Respectful Behaviours

A program designed to establish clear and common understandings around expected standards of conduct across all High-Performance environments.

Cultural & Incident Response Management

Building knowledge and capability to ensure governance, risk and behavioural standards are proactively managed within High-Performance programs.

Wellbeing Health Check

The AIS Wellbeing Health Check assesses the ‘wellbeing culture’ of high-performance sport.
Critical Incident Management

The AIS has partnered with AFP & DFAT to develop a Critical Incident Management Framework which includes operational plans and interactive workshops tailored to each NSO.

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