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Leadership and Professionalism

Critical Incident Management

Preparing National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) to implement a Critical Incident Management Framework that enables a response to a critical incident that best supports athletes, coaches and staff.

The AIS in partnership with AFP & DFAT developed a Critical Incident Management Framework which includes an overarching policy, operational plans and interactive workshops tailored to each NSO. The Framework and training outlines systems, processes, and responsibilities that guide planning and practical response to a critical incident.

The Framework consists of key operational plans and associated training workshops. The Framework is modular in design, so that sports can adopt either the whole Framework or just the individual components relevant to it.

The Training Workshops Include

Critical Incident Management Workshop

Critical Incident Communications Training

Media Training

Emergency Responder Training

The Key Plans Include

  • Critical Incident Management Plan – the operational guide for an NSO’s Critical Incident Management Team to follow in response to a critical incident.
  • Critical Incident Communications Plan - assists NSOs prepare, respond and manage the dissemination of communications during a critical incident.
  • AIS and AFP Pre Planning security Checklist – developed by the AFP, the Checklist assists NSOs prepare and plan for overseas travel to for major events or tours and is designed for Team managers to action prior to the intended travel.

For More Information

Please contact Kelly Lean, Leadership & Professionalism Consultant,

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