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Athlete Personal Development

Elite Athlete Education Network

Supporting elite athletes for the duration of their study

The Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN) through partnered Universities, TAFE’s and other education providers helps to support elite athletes for the duration of their course study. This ensures their experience on campus is one that is rewarding, flexible and helps them acquire the right skills and qualifications needed to follow their passions and interests outside of sport.

Each AIS endorsed university will have an Elite Athlete Student Coordinator to support athlete experience on campus and implement the underpinning guiding principles of the Elite Athlete Education Network.

Endorsed members of the EAEN commit to a range of guiding principles and minimum standards through consultation with the AIS. This is a national network that supports Australian athletes within the high performance sport system.


The EAEN is accessible to all current categorised athletes and coaches, Alumni athletes and emerging and developing athletes who sit on level 1-5 on the Athlete Categorisation table for an AIS funded sport. In practice these are elite athletes engaged in training or competition at a national or international level.

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