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Resources and information across the areas of Recovery, Environment, Sleep, and Travel

The REST Hub is available to provide the High Performance Sport Network with a range of resources and information across the areas of Recovery, Environment, Sleep, and Travel.

This support is intended to provide resources, direct assistance and / or upskilling as required, and promote collaboration to optimise REST outcomes.

Engagement activities may include:

  • Delivery of sport or situation specific education, information and resources.
  • Collaboration with appropriate NSO / NIN high performance staff, coaches and athletes.
  • Lead or support testing and monitoring, where required.
  • Provision of REST related equipment.
  • Targeted assessment of strategies, tools and devices to provide evidence-based practical guidelines.

What can the REST Hub assist with?


Assistance with the strategic implementation of recovery strategies to accelerate recovery

Education, information and advice regarding a range of recovery strategies e.g.

  • Warm-down
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Cooling strategies
  • Compression
  • Vibration therapy

Optimisation of recovery, adaptation and performance outcomes via

  • Strategic programming
  • Periodization of recovery
  • Programming of specific recovery protocols for individual needs
  • Assistance with the management of acute and chronic injury / illness

Support to optimise preparation for and management of a range of challenging environmental conditions

Thermoregulation profiling

  • Determine individual responses
  • Inform if / when to use cooling or warming strategies, and which strategies may be most beneficial

Heat acclimation and acclimatisation

  • Timing, frequency
  • Mode (e.g. active vs passive)
  • Strategies for implementing heat training with limited facilities
  • Considerations to ensure optimal adaptation

Warming and / or cooling strategies

  • Water immersion
  • Cooling / heating garments
  • Clothing / uniform considerations
  • Fans
  • Water misting
  • Fluid / ice ingestion

Assistance across a range of areas of sleep

Sleep education and information

  • Purpose of sleep
  • Sleep requirements for different athletes
  • Defining ‘normal’ sleep
  • Understanding impacts of disturbed sleep and sleep deprivation
  • Factors influencing sleep
  • Physiological and psychological responses

Flexible delivery of sleep education and assessment

  • Group education sessions
  • Individual consultation and sleep hygiene assessment
  • Subjective and objective sleep monitoring

Enhance preparation for travel and recovery on arrival to optimise performance outcomes


  • Physiological and psychological impacts of travel
  • Jet lag vs. travel fatigue
  • Strategies to mitigate travel fatigue

Strategies to enhance recovery from travel and optimise performance

  • Jet-lag / body clock adaptation schedules
  • Programs and protocols to minimise travel fatigue

Travel planning to reduce the impact of travel

  • Travel routes
  • Departure / arrival times
  • Layovers
  • Health and hygiene practices


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