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AIS Elevate Program

Elevate Learning Grants Program

To deliver a systematic approach to the education and professional development of the Performance Pathways workforce

The purpose of the Elevate Learning Grants is to invest in education and professional development opportunities for individuals who support athletes in the high performance pathway and who are committed to improving themselves and the HP systems’ ability to identify, develop, support and progress talented athletes.

The cost of education, professional development opportunities and associate expenses can be supported.

The AIS Elevate Learning Grants Program targets:

Members of the High Performance Pathway workforce (in paid or non-paid capacity) from one of the following role holder groups:

  • NSO Performance Pathway Lead responsible for the progression of athletes towards future podium success.
  • Performance Support Practitioners who work to directly support performance pathway athletes categorised at Emerging, Developing or Podium Potential,
  • High Performance Coaches of 1 or more categorised athletes at Emerging, Developing or Podium Potential.

The AIS Elevate Learning Grant Program will be run from 14 February 2024 to 22 March 2024. The program will be held across one round.

AIS Elevate Learning Grant Guidelines

Important dates

Apply now

  • Applications open: 9:00 AM (AEDT) Wednesday 14th Feb 2024
  • Applications close: 5:00 PM (AEDT) Friday 22nd March 2024
  • Application assessed: Late-March 2024
  • Notification of outcomes: Late-April 2024
  • Program/Course commencement Programs/course must commence in the period after application is submitted and before 31 December 2024

*The program will be held across one round only which differs from previous years.

Additional Learning Opportunity - Performance Pathway ASCA Level 1 S&C

  • The ASC will also offer a bespoke Performance Pathway ASCA Level 1 S&C course in the first half of 2024 for eligible Performance Pathway Performance Support Practitioners and Coaches. Places on this course will be limited and selected from a competitive Expression of Interest process running in conjunction with the Elevate Grant program.
  • To apply for this S&C course, please select the apply now button above and you will be able to select the S&C course option within the Learning Grants application form
  • Successful applicants for the ASCA Level 1 S&C course to be held at the AIS Canberra, will have costs associated with travel, accommodation and course fees covered by the ASC.

Eligible use of grant funds, example learning types and activities

In Scope activities will demonstrate how activity is aligned to one or more of the HP2032+ Athlete Performance Pathway Focus areas of:

  • Integrated holistic athlete development.
  • Optimised transition periods.
  • Intelligence-informed decision making to better identify, develop, support, progress future podium athletes.

Activities and opportunities that will be supported may include (but are not limited to):

What can the grant money not be used for?

  • Purchases of any sporting equipment, resource or asset; or
  • Activities that fall within the normal remit of the applicant’s role, e.g.;
    • Attending a camp/event where the applicant’s role is required to attend and/or there are no further learning and mentoring outcomes aligned
    • Attending and participating at athlete training sessions that are not aligned to any specific learning outcomes
    • Course/online learning that does not directly relate to the applicant’s role in the performance pathway environment, but rather is focused on a personal interest

A list of Out of Scope learning activities and accompanying notes is available in the table below for reference for what will not be supported in the 2023/24 program:


To be eligible to receive funding through this program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a member of the High Performance Pathway workforce (in paid or non-paid capacity) from one of the following role holder groups:
    • Stream 1 funding is available for NSO Performance Pathway Lead responsible for the progression of athletes towards future podium success
    • Stream 2 funding is available for Performance Support Practitioners who work to directly support performance pathway athletes categorised at Emerging, Developing or Podium Potential, or High Performance Coaches of 1 or more categorised athletes at Emerging, Developing or Podium Potential.
  2. Apply for support for an activity commencing after the date the application is submitted by the individual, i.e. the activity is not already being undertaken at the time the application is submitted.  Activity can start between when the application has been submitted and the close date of applications (22 March 2024) and still be eligible.
  3. Must not have previously received an Elevate Learning grant in the 2022-23 program.
  4. Must not currently be employed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) or performing a contract for services for the ASC at any time during the grant program timelines.

Note: if you are unsure if your organisation is eligible to apply for a grant through these Guidelines, please email to clarify your organisations eligibility.

How to apply

Individuals will be required to apply via an online form, linked at the top of this webpage.

The submission will require three written summaries that answer the following;

  1. Describe your proposed learning activity in detail and explain why this activity supports your learning and development needs (if possible, referencing your personal performance plan). [up to 250 words]
  2. Describe your expected learning outcomes from this activity. Please outline how the learning/development experience will positively impact categorised athletes (Emerging, Developing and Podium Potential). [up to 250 words]
  3. Describe how your proposed learning activity aligns to your NSO’s Performance Pathway Strategy and/or one or more of the HP2032+ Strategy’s Performance Pathway Focus Areas:  [up to 100 words]
    1. Integrated holistic athlete development
    2. Optimised transition periods
    3. Intelligence-informed decision making to better Identify, Develop, Support, athletes to future podium performance

Individuals will need to upload a copy of the required endorsement from their NSO and/or the appropriate NIN personnel when submitting the application.

  • Performance Pathway Leads - endorsed by their line manager – e.g. High Performance Director and/or CEO
  • Performance Support Practitioners – endorsed by NSO Performance Pathway Lead/Manager (from the sport that will be most positively impacted from the learning activity) AND if NIN employed, their relevant Senior Manager
  • Coaches - endorsed by NSO Performance Pathway Lead/Manager

* Note:  If you are unsure whom to seek endorsement from, please contact the AIS Performance Pathways team before applications close (

If you will not receive a letter of endorsement prior to applications closing, please contact the AIS Performance Pathways team ( to discuss options.

Applicants will receive an automated email receipt if the application is submitted successfully. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the information within the application is complete and accurate. Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Code 1995 and may result in your application being excluded from further consideration.

Assessment of applications

All applications will initially be assessed against the eligibility criteria by ASC staff. Applications which do not meet the eligibility criteria will not progress further in the process.

All eligible applications will progress to the preliminary assessment phase where they will be assessed by the Assessment Panel, which will comprise representatives from the ASC, high performance sport system and education network. The Assessment Panel is a group of individuals with significant Performance Pathways experience, including people capability development, high performance pathways coaching and coach education, performance program management and performance support provision.

The Assessment Panel will consider each eligible application on its merits based on how well it meets the selection criteria and how it compares to other applications.

Other factors may also be considered during the assessment process.  These may include prioritising applications where there is a co-contribution from the NSO/NIN partner where the NSO/NIN partner would be in a position to co-contribute and ensuring a range of sports are successful through this program.

The Grant Approver (ASC Executive General Manager, AIS Performance) will make the final decision as to grant recipients and funding amounts after considering the recommendations of the moderation panel and the availability of grant funds for the purposes of the Program.

There is no appeal mechanism for decisions to approve or not approve a grant.

If you have any questions, please contact

Grant recipient responsibilities

Grant recipients are required to:

  • Accept the grant agreement and abide by the Terms and Conditions of the agreement;
  • Complete an acquittal and report (see below) using the templates provided by the ASC and return them to the ASC within 30 days of the completion of the supported activity;
  • Return any unused grant funds to the ASC within 30 days of the completion of the supported activity; and
  • Promptly notify and seek approval from the ASC if no longer involved in the supported activity, if the supported activity has been delayed/postponed due to circumstances, and/or there has been a change of activity type.

Participant Reflection Report

Successful applicants will be responsible for ensuring an appropriate evaluation of their learning activity is undertaken. On completion, the participant is required to provide a ~300-word reflection report and learning summary for AIS Performance Pathways Team to review via the SmartyGrants platform and a copy should be forwarded to the respective NSO and/or appropriate NIN manager to review.

This written reflection should include;

  1. how their categorised athletes are or will benefit from the learning grant activity based on achievement of the learning outcomes you intended to meet (from the initial application
  2. what is needed for your continued development, and
  3. what experiences from the learning grant will be shared with your organisation and whom will it be shared with.

Post Activity Network Sharing Learning Reflection Presentation

Along with the submission of a written report (above) – all successful applicants will be required to prepare a Learning Reflection Presentation to demonstrate to peers from within and across sports how the learnings have supported the 2032+ Strategy Performance pathways priority area(s).

Format: provide a 10min presentation via Teams

Presentation support is available from the AIS Performance Pathways Teams if required. Timing details will be advised, will be flexible and can be pre-recorded if preferred.

This reflection report and video presentation recording may be shared with the applicant’s consent with the applicant’s NSO or NIN institute/academy and may be used as promotional material for future programs within the ASC.

If you need further guidance on the application process or wish to withdraw a submitted application, please contact:


Notification and agreement

All applicants will be notified by email of the outcome of their application including:

  • Any funding amount to be awarded; and
  • The specific terms and conditions of any funding.

Successful applicants will enter into an agreement with the ASC in relation to the grant funding, which will be substantially based on the sample terms and conditions to these guidelines. This agreement will be made available to prospective applicants on request and will be supplied automatically to successful applicants.

Disclosure of information

The AIS will treat any personal information in accordance with the Privacy ACT 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Personal information can only be disclosed to someone for the primary purpose for which it is collected unless an exemption applies.

Personal information submitted via the online application is collected by the AIS for the purpose of considering applications for and administering the Program.

The personal details of successful applicants (including name, home state, sport, the value of the grant awarded and a brief description of the purpose for the program) may be released by the AIS to the public and the media for the use of promotional and educational purposes.

View the AIS Privacy Policy.

Conflict of interest

Any conflicts of interest could affect the performance of the grant opportunity or Program. There may be a conflict of interest, or perceived conflict of interest, if AIS staff, any member of the Assessment Panel, a committee or advisor, and/or you or any of your personnel, for example:

  • has a professional, commercial or personal relationship with a party who is able to influence the application selection process, such as a AIS officer, or a member of an external panel
  • has a relationship with, or interest in, an organisation which is likely to interfere with or restrict the applicants from carrying out the proposed activities fairly and independently or
  • has a relationship with, or interest in, an organisation from which they will receive personal gain because the organisation receives a grant under the grant Program.

Applicants will be asked to declare, as part of your application, any perceived or existing conflicts of interests or that, to the best of your knowledge, there is no conflict of interest. If you later identify an actual, apparent, or potential conflict of interest, AIS must be informed in writing immediately.
Conflicts of interest for AIS staff will be handled in accordance with AIS’s Conflict of Interest Policy. Assessment Moderation Panel members will also be required to declare any conflicts of interest.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding the AIS Elevate Learning Grants Program, please contact

If you wish to lodge a complaint regarding the program this can be done using the AIS complaints form.

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