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Athlete Personal Development

Elevate Learning Grants Program

To deliver a systematic approach to the education and professional development of the Performance Pathways workforce

General feedback for unsuccessful applicants

All applications are individually reviewed by an Assessment Panel comprising representatives of the AIS, the National Institute Network (NIN) and independent members.

Successful applications demonstrated clear alignment between their learning outcomes and the objectives of the Grant program.

A number of common themes emerged during the assessment process which included, but was not limited to:

  • Additional learning opportunity versus business-as-usual activity: In many cases the Panel were unsupportive of the request as it was considered a ‘business-as-usual’ activity that would/should already be incorporated as part of the day-to-day role and responsibilities of the individual applying. For example, attendance at an event that is already within the scope of the applicant’s responsibilities, was not considered demonstration of an improved learning opportunity.
  • Lack of clarity on learning / development objective:  In a number of cases the applicant failed to articulate how the learning or education opportunity would support their individual development needs. For example, vague details on conference or event attendance that did not align to a clear output.
  • Detail of funding requested: A number of applications did not provide a detailed and appropriate line-by-line breakdown of how funds would be allocated/spent.
  • Timing of learning opportunity: There was lack of clarity in some applications as to the timing of the learning opportunity. Applicants need to demonstrate that the learning opportunity is a new opportunity not already in progress at the time of application.
  • Athletes impacted: In some applications, it was unclear or there were errors in the named athletes listed by the applicant at Podium Potential, Developing or Emerging levels. The National Sporting Organisation (NSO) and AIS have lists of athletes nationally categorised at any point in time. Applicants are encouraged to confirm with their NSO whether the athletes they support are categorised (and at what level) prior to applying.
  • Incorrect endorsement: In some applications, the supporting NSO endorsement was not from the requested role holder - Required endorsement criteria are outlined in the Grant program guidelines [hyperlink to this year’s guidelines] on page 11 under Required information to complete the application. Applicants are encouraged to confirm the AIS whom to seek endorsement from if they are unsure, prior to applying.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding the AIS Elevate Learning Grants Program, please contact

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