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Welcome to some new Aquatic & Fitness Centre staff

11 March 2021

Please join us in welcoming some new staff to the Aquatic & Fitness Centre.

Tamara Roberts - Swim School Coordinator


Tamara started with the AIS Swim School back in 2013 as a casual administrator. Since then she has worked in multiple roles within our Aquatic & Fitness Centre and joined the Swim School team as a coordinator in December last year.

She is known for her kindness and professionalism and is passionate about providing excellent customer service to all our wonderful customers. But here are some more fun facts from Tamara:

  • Tamara grew up in Sydney and moved to Canberra when she was 10 years old and has been here ever since.
  • Tamara studied Japanese for six years and is an avid reader, currently reading Courage Under Fire. It’s based on a true story and recommended if you’re interested in books about the military.
  • Tamara is a qualified nurse and worked as a nurse in aged-care for seven years. It was really fun a lot of the time. Some of the residents were hilarious and made working there really enjoyable. However, it was a very demanding job both physically and emotionally and after seven years Tamara sought a change.
  • When the international borders re-open, Tamara is keen to travel to Hawaii and mainland USA.

Annalise - Activities Coordinator


Annalise looks after the children sports School Holiday Program and the Sports Experience program.

Annalise studied Fashion Design at school and loves baking, so we may be in for some treats. Annalise is excited and enthusiastic about being able to work in sport and looks forward to meeting our wonderful customers and young participants.

Luke - Senior Pool Operator


Luke has been working in the Aquatics industry for 15 years and started work at the AIS in 2018 as a casual Pool Operator, soon being promoted to a casual Senior Pool Operator due to his experience and skills.

Luke is a keen traveller, having driven across Australia from east to west coast (and vice versa) eight times - four times across the Nullarbor and four times through the Kimberley. His dog has even accompanied him on some of these trips. Luke also surfs, likes riding motorbikes and plays the guitar (just don't expect him to play a tune on the Pool Deck).

Luke enjoys working with such an awesome and diverse group of staff team members, getting to work closely with high performance athletes and staying fit and healthy using our own Gym facilities.

Lynn - Administrator


Lynn has been part of AIS family in some way, shape or form for well over 20 years, particularly in her recent work with Swimming Australia as their Senior Performance Operations Coordinator.

Lynn has also previously worked at the AIS as a scholarship coach with the AIS Swimming Program in 2001 and is proud to be one of three Fowlie family members, along with husband Jim and son John, who have coached in this great facility.

Clearly family means everything to Lynn, especially family BBQs with good food, lots of sporting activities and fun water fights all making for a perfect gathering.

Lynn is really excited to be a part of a great Team of great people and has already felt the warm welcome and support since starting in her new role.

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