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AIS Fitness Centre Closes

09 September 2021

We wish to advise that the AIS Fitness Centre will not re-open and has ceased operating.

This includes the gym, personal trainer sessions, recovery programs (dry and aqua), group fitness classes (dry and aqua) and school holiday programs.

This does not affect the learn to swim classes and public swimming access, which will continue.

We appreciate the sadness of this news, given the value that the Fitness Centre has provided to our many customers and friends. This has been a difficult but necessary decision to operate and deliver within budget.

The Fitness Centre and programs are no longer commercially viable in what has become an increasingly competitive fitness sector.  As there are many providers in the local area delivering equivalent programs and services, it is not an efficient and effective use of Government resources to compete with these alternate providers.

While the AIS campus is focused on high performance activity, Sport Australia also supports Australians being more active through implementation of its policy agenda and grant programs to the Australian sector as a whole.

Over the coming weeks, we will contact members to arrange refunds of any fees paid and unused as at 12 August 2021 (the start of the ACT lockdown).

We have also compiled some information regarding other Fitness Centre options available to you in the local area, including some special and exclusive offers. Please read more here. These providers are excited to welcome you and your friends and look forward to discussing your needs to ensure they can deliver programs to help you continue your health, fitness and wellbeing journey. Once the ACT lockdown ends and the ACT Government roadmap to re-opening is clearer, please reach out to these providers directly to discuss your needs and to find out more regarding their offers, programs and facilities.

We thank you for your support and patronage at the AIS Fitness Centre and wish you well in maintaining your health and wellbeing through physical activity.

We also thank all of our Fitness Centre staff. We are very proud of the quality programs they have delivered and their contribution to the personal health and fitness of our members at the AIS Fitness Centre as well as providing a fun and active time for children over the school holiday periods.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss the suitability of alternate programs available to you, then please email these to and one of our staff will contact you.

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