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The teams behind the teams – working with coaches and athletes to plan and deliver optimal performance.

The National Performance Support Network Lead roles were initially established in 2018 as the National SSSM Network Leads. Extensive high performance stakeholder contribution assisted in the role design and appointment process. Individual appointment panels for these roles include representatives from the NIN, sport and relevant subject matter experts, to ensure relevance to the organisations that the Network Leads seek to support.

Each Network Lead facilitates a Performance Support professional network in the high performance (HP) sport system, focusing on:

  • Network Connection – enabling connections across the HP system to share intel, reduce duplication, and drive innovative practice
  • Best Practice – supporting the HP system to develop and share performance solutions, guidelines and approaches
  • People Development – focusing on performance impact, through programs and partnerships

While the Network Leads have been appointed by discipline, to align with the current Performance Support workforce, the Network Leads focus primarily on enhancing interdisciplinary ways of working in the HP system. The Network Leads seek to connect with Performance Support professional networks in professional sporting codes in addition to Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth sports and will focus on strengthening HP system relationships with relevant professional membership bodies.

The Network Leads focus on understanding the needs of the HP system with respect to their relevant professions, including:

  • Enhancing communication with professional networks in sport, the NIN and relevant professional membership bodies
  • Exploring the needs of support personnel, sport and the NIN
  • Identifying or forecasting common opportunities and issues across sport and the NIN.
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