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AIS Performance Support team to play key role at Paris Paralympic Games

23 March 2023

Members of the Australian Institute of Sport Performance Sport team are set to play a key role at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

AIS REST Hub team preparing for Tokyo 2020 Games
AIS REST Hub team preparing for Tokyo 2020 Games

Paralympics Australia have announced the team to in Paris next year, with AIS REST Hub Lead Peta Maloney named as the Sports  Science Lead.

Supporting Maloney in the PA Recovery Team team in Paris are AIS REST Hub Physiologists Steph Shell and Matt Driller.

Shell brings Games experience from Birmingham and Tokyo where the AIS REST Hub coordinated team Recovery Hubs, which included ice baths, inflatable compression, and cooling or heating strategies at competition venues and accommodation sites.

AIS Female Performance and Health Initiative Lead, Dr Rachel Harris, who served as the PA Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at Tokyo 2020, will also be part of the medical team in Paris, working under new PA CMO Dr Steve Reid.

To learn more about the AIS REST Hub, visit the ASC website here.

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