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AIS Elevate Program

Elevate CoachTALK Program

Fostering state-based coaching communities of practice and learnings relevant to Performance Pathway coaches

The AIS Elevate CoachTALK program will be piloted in 2021 and will be hosted across three rounds of state and territory delivery in the months of June, August and October.

All delivery will be face to face but also made available to livestream for any coaches unable to attend in person. Brief-note presentations by subject matter experts will be recorded for future engagement opportunities.

Program Participants

A strategic focus of the AIS Performance Pathways team is to offer learning and development opportunities to coaches working with athletes who are nationally categorised at Emerging, Developing and Podium Potential levels.

CoachTALK learning and development sessions, hosted in each state and territory, will be made available to every identified Performance Pathway Coach as nominated by their NSO and/or NIN. Involvement can either be in-person or via a live web-link.

Program Delivery

AIS Elevate CoachTALK aims to align closely with key recommendations from the National Coach Development Strategy. Content will be delivered via a range of subject matter experts (live in-person, live on-line and pre-recorded) and coach discussions facilitated by AIS Performance Pathway staff.

Through a process of concept-mapping, AIS Elevate CoachTALK aims to deliver content and learnings relevant to each state and territory – a national approach with a local footprint.

Program Objectives

Engaging subject matter experts

Leveraging domestic and international subject matter experts, brief-note presentations will be provided aligned to community needs. The presentations will then stimulate discussion on critical topic’s amongst the state based Performance Pathway coaching community.

Community of practice (COP) development

Supported and facilitated conversations around the key topics and brief-note presentations, supporting peer-to-peer learning through the sharing of knowledge and experiences will develop state based COP’s.

Australia wide delivery

Delivery of AIS Elevate CoachTALK sessions to every state and territory within Australia will ensure a national approach to supporting the development state based communities of practice.

Targeted learnings

Utilisation of concept mapping methodologies will allow the AIS Elevate CoachTALK program to be tailored to the local demands and requirements within each state.

More information

For more information please contact Ian Melvin, Performance Pathway Coaching Consultant -

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