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National Quality Standards Scheme

Providing leadership and support to champion quality and best practice in high performance sport in Australia

The National Quality Standards Scheme (NQSS) provides leadership and support across the National Institute Network (NIN) and National Sport Organisations (NSOs) and empowers each organisation to champion quality assurance practices

NQSS provides guidance, tools and support necessary for organisations to gather performance data that is:


Athlete data that is quality assured helps to build confidence in decision making.

NQSS Services

Quality assurance solutions

  • Support to develop Quality Assurance practices tailored to organisation needs
  • National systems to improve effectiveness and efficiency of Best Practice and Quality Assurance in high performance sport
Equipment calibration services

  • Bespoke calibration services to support NIN and NSO

  • Education resources that develop knowledge and skill in quality assurance fundamentals, and technical competencies
Resource sharing

  • An online platform to access and share quality assurance resources
Quality assurance evaluation

  • Support in the evaluation of technology, test protocols, and best practice guidelines

National Quality Assurance Steering Committee

The NQSS is supported by the National Quality Assurance Steering Committee (NQA).

The purpose of the NQA is to provide leadership and guidance across the suite of NQSS services, and represent across a number of organisations and technical disciplines.

Evan Jeanguyot Sports Physiotherapist, NSW Institute of Sport
Gaye Rutherford Consultant Sports Dietitian to Tasmanian Institute of Sport; President, Sports Dietitians Australia
Dr Lynne Munro Head of Olympic Fast Track Program, AusCycling
Dr Rodney Siegel National Physiology Network Lead, Australian Institute of Sport; Sport Science Manager, Victorian Institute of Sport
Dr Simon Pearson Senior Performance Scientist, Queensland Academy of Sport
Nicole Townsend Quality Assurance Lead, Australian Institute of Sport
Dr Mark Osborne Senior Performance Scientist, Paddle Australia
Craig Colduck Talent Support Plan Lead, Queensland Academy of Sport


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