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High Performance Camps

AIS High Performance Camps

Experience. Learn. Engage.

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) works closely with categorised National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) to develop custom programs, camp experiences and online learning opportunities that support athletes and teams to reach their full potential.

AIS Performance Services

The Performance Services team work with categorised NSOs in the planning and delivery of the best possible camp environment that will optimise the performance outcomes NSOs are wishing to achieve. These outcomes are discussed, developed and customised with the NSO prior to confirming a camp schedule so as to target the outcomes the sport is wanting.

Training and competition venues
World class physiology and biomechanics laboratories. State-of-the-art strength and conditioning gymnasium, haematology laboratory, 50m testing and training swimming pool and dedicated recovery centre. All facilities contain quality assured high performance sports science and sports medicine equipment that are calibrated to high performance specifications. More information on AIS facilities can be found below.

Specialist sports science sports medicine expertise
A specialised multi-disciplinary team of sport scientists and practitioners to support NSO elite, pre-elite and development athletes including intensive rehabilitation and altitude house camps. Services can incorporate a range of elements from nutrition, food services to strength and conditioning, and biomechanics.

Examples of high performance camp

Below are some examples of value added support that can be factored in:

Example 1

Your team/group is about to head off to a benchmark event in a location that most of the athletes and staff have never been to before from the camp.

Example 2

Your staff that have come in with the camp want to have some of their current practises reviewed and updated

Example 3

You as the sport have identified that your dropout rate from junior to senior squads is increasing and you know this needs to be addressed.

Example 4

The next big event for your sport to achieve a performance outcome is going to take place at altitude and in hot conditions. You have two years to prepare for this event and you have discussed an approach with your athletes.

Example 5

You as a sport have identified that you need to undertake some research an area of performance that is limiting your athlete’s performance outcomes.

AIS Facilities

Your camp can include access to the following AIS facilities:

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