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Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing Learning and Development Framework

The Learning and Development Framework is the structure that houses all of the wellbeing programs and opportunities that are available to categorised athletes covering mental health, community engagement, career and education and professional development.

The Learning and Development Framework is built around three key pillars which represent the different aspects of wellbeing that an athlete should ideally experience to help them succeed in a high performance setting. These experiences can be personalised to suit an athlete's  preferred learning journey.

  • LEARN: To experience a sense of learning, advancement, achievement, personal growth and purpose in life
  • THRIVE: To experience hope, energy, resilience, self- awareness and self-acceptance, autonomy and environmental mastery
  • CONTRIBUTE: To experience the satisfaction of helping others and the active involvement of positive relationships

Wellbeing Channels


Personal Development
Career Development

Personal Values

Personal Brand - Build Your Profile

National Careers Week

Personal Brand - Sponsorship


Personal Brand - Networking Skills


Professional Conduct

dAIS Courses


Mental Health
Digital Safety
Financial Literacy

Digital Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

Introduction to Mental Health

Building Your Business

Mental Health Audit

Personal Budgeting

Athlete Wellbeing Toolkit


Relocation Guidelines

Self Care

Wellbeing Conversations


Community Engagement
Serving Others

Mentoring Program

Community Events

Other Service Opportunities

Athletes with Impact

Cultural Awareness

Sporting Futures

Choose your journey

With so many options available under each of the pillars, learning journeys can be tailored specifically to suit the needs of each athlete. Alternatively, you can choose to follow one of the seven journeys recommended for common situations:

  1. Commencing in the high-performance environment
  2. Receiving and Managing dAIS funding
  3. Social Media and the elite athlete
  4. Relocating
  5. Dual career development
  6. (Extended) non-participation, due to deselection, injury or other…
  7. Retirement

To start building your learning journey, athletes can contact their AW&E Provider or the AIS

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