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Performance Health

Graduate Certificate of Performance Health Management

Course Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Performance Health Management (GCPHM) is a collaboration between the University of Canberra and the Australian Institute of Sport as industry partner, to prepare students for a career in the area of health program implementation specialist within Australia and internationally.

The course has been co-designed with Australia’s leading practitioners in the area of health implementation program development in response to an emerging professional development priority. The course integrates practical workplace-focused training and theoretical issues, including the skills necessary for the implementation of proactive performance health management in individuals and targeted populations, biostatistics, applied epidemiology, health implementation and leadership.

It prepares students for their future work as health implementation specialists at the interface of theory, research and practice. Graduates will have specialised knowledge for professional practice in health implementation and skills for evaluation of research in optimising human performance health.

Course content

Fundamentals of Performance HealthDesigning Effective Interventions for Performance Health Growing as a Leader in HealthStrategy, Innovation and Change in Health
Models of prevention The role of personality in leading organisational change

Self-awareness of leadership style

Strategic thinking and planning

Health surveillance Health Systems

Leadership of others

Developing a strategic brief

Natural history of disease Implementation frameworks

Communication strategies different purposes

Strategic innovation

Classification of prevention measures Designing interventions

Communication strategies different audiences

Developing the idea, context and sustainability

Health evaluation and screening programsMonitoring and evaluation

Developing as a leader

Implementing change

Performance and health Science communication

Mentorship and planning for self-development

Developing a plan, challenges and measures of success

Previous AIS MACE/GCPHM scholarship recipients

Further information

For further information about the university enrolment process please contact Jeremy Witchalls, University of Canberra Associate Professor.

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