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Athlete Performance Health

Master of Applied Clinical Epidemiology (MACE)

What is MACE?

The Master of Applied Clinical Epidemiology (MACE) is a joint initiative from the University of Canberra and AIS. This unique, world-first degree is specifically designed for professionals who manage the health and performance of elite athletes.

With a strong focus on applying research evidence to clinical practice, graduates will understand the principles of performance health management whilst gaining skills and experience in the development of programs and initiatives that incorporate evidence-based frameworks across organisational change, health systems, leadership, epidemiology and implementation science to ensure elite athletes and personnel requiring physical fitness consistently perform at their very best.

Applications are now closed

Key dates

  • 8 July 2021 - applications closed
  • 16 July 2021- successful applicants notified

Course content

Topics covered

Performance Health A Performance Health BPerformance Health CPerformance Health D
Models of prevention The role of personality in leading organisational changeUnderstanding organisational structureLeadership 360 Self Development
Health surveillance Health Systems Organisational networksLeadership theory and practice
Natural history of disease Implementation frameworks Models of planned change managementPerformance health strategy development
Classification of prevention measures Designing interventions Planning for change in high performance environmentsStrategic communications
Health evaluation and screening programs Monitoring and evaluation   
Performance and health Science communication  
Leader Manager 360 Self Development  


There will be up to 10 x $6,800 grants available for successful applicants with the following conditions:

  • the applicant must be currently employed or contracted to a National Sporting Organisation or member of the National Institute Network (including the AIS);
  • provide a signed letter from their NSO/NIN to support the grant application;
  • agree to the enrolment procedure at the University of Canberra in accordance with university timelines for commencement of the MACE program;
  • be accepted into the MACE program and meet all university entry requirements; and
  • commit to both Performance Heath A, B, C and either Performance Health D or an agreed elective unit by the MACE program director (or delegate).
  • AIS employees are not eligible to receive a grant, however are eligible to receive professional development support of equal value under this program and will have their application considered on the same basis against the selection criteria as applicants from other supporting organisations.

Selection criteria

Recipients will be selected by a panel consisting of:

  • UC MACE Course Director
  • AIS Athlete Performance Health Program Manager
  • AIS Applied Technology and Innovation Director
  • A representative of the NIN

The panel will provide a list of recommended recipients to the AIS CEO for approval.
Selection will be based on the criteria, with weighting providing in the following order:

  1. Priority will be given to applicants engaged by a National Institute Network or National Sporting Organisation in line with the AIS High Performance Investment Principles.
  2. Occupy a senior role that oversees health management within their organisation, with priority to those who in the opinion of the panel are likely to have the greatest impact on their organisation’s long-term performance
  3. Other contractors and non-management roles within their organisation.
  4. All other applicants will be considered on an individual basis should there be available grant funding.

Further criteria:

Where applications are received from multiple individuals from a single organisation (NSO or NIN), one grant will be provided to the preferred candidate from this organisation, with the organisation required to contribute to the panel’s prioritisation.

  • Applicants who work for multiple NSO/NIN will be assessed relative to the organisation providing support rather than all organisations.
  • More than one grant can be awarded to individuals from the same organisation once all other candidates have been assessed.
  • If required, the panel may seek further information to clarify positions, level of support from the individual/NIN/NSO or any other relevant information to assist their decision.

How to apply

Applications for MACE are now closed.

AIS MACE scholarship recipients

2020 recipients
  • Steve Hawkins, Lead Physiotherapist, Victorian Institute of Sport
  • Kate Watson, Performance Health Coordinator, Queensland Academy of Sport
  • Daniel Sheehy, Physiotherapist, ACT Academy of Sport
  • Gena Wallis, Physiotherapist, Tennis Australia
  • Warren McDonald, Chief Medical Officer, Rugby Australia
2019 recipients
  • Ben Raysmith, Senior Physiotherapist, Athletics Australia
  • Melissa Crunkhorn, Performance Health Manager, Queensland Academy of Sport
  • David Spurrier, Physiotherapist, South Australian Sports Institute
  • Ben Pagett, Physiotherapist, Paralympics Australia

Further information

For further information about the university enrolment process please contact Jeremy Witchalls, University of Canberra Associate Professor.

For further information about the Grant process please contact Mick Drew, AIS Program Manager.

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