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Stretch for Strength

10 June 2020

The Stretch for Strength class is one of a popular range of classes offered by the Fitness Centre.

This session provides a safe and effective means to stretch, strengthen and de-stress the mind, body and emotions of a perpetually demanding life. Classes are facilitated by Jo Jo, one of the ACT’s most experienced and motivational group activity instructors, with over 33 years experience.

As a participant, you will learn the art of postural consideration, practical take-home strength & flexibility exercises, good breathing practices, core/inner strength, somatic experience (body awareness), letting go, mindfulness and many more useful practices to enhance your positive habitual practice.

These sessions are suitable for most people (even if you have injuries and medical conditions) as varying levels of each posture and exercise will be given to consider special needs and precautions.

Benefits may Include:

  • Practical relaxation techniques
  • Improved breathing
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved balance
  • Greater body awareness
  • Greater strength
  • More symmetry in posture
  • De-stress

Optimum mobility and functional strength can greatly improved quality of Life. Putting socks and shoes on, squatting, getting up & down from/to the ground, lifting & carrying varying objects, scratching your back, checking your blind spot, reaching to the top shelf are some examples of daily functional requirements. If we don't exercise enough (or in the right way), stiffness, weakness and instability sets into our joints.

This simple and effective session will expertly guide you through all of the wonderful range of motion of all your major joints. Utilising a variety of efficient stretching techniques, this session aims to obtain, maintain, regain and improve optimal function and slow the decline of flexibility and strength as we age. Awesome for injury prevention and relaxation. Come along and give it a try. Your body deserves it!

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