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Fitness Centre member spotlight

10 June 2020

Bronwyn has been attending our Fitness programs for quite a few years, having discovered the gym later in life. While she doesn't describe herself as a 'gym junkie', Bronwyn was keen to share some of her experiences.

What are your favourite classes/sessions?

The Gym, because I have my own program and can fit exercise into my day. Its easy, you just book in with an instructor, they asked what goals I have and what I want to achieve, then they wrote up a personalised gym program.

How did you feel initially about attending?  What made you step through the front doors?

I wanted to exercise, but I wanted to find something that worked around my timetable so it had to be something I could do independently. I live locally, I always knew the public gym was here as I had brought my kids here for swimming.

How has the exercise benefited your health?

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so exercise is really important, as is diet. My specialist recently told me that all my inflammatory markers are down and she’s taken me off one medication! She told me to keep doing what I’m doing. The instructors and staff at the AIS gym provide a relaxed, supportive environment where I can get an updated program if I feel my interest is waining.

What would you say to others who have health conditions that may benefit from exercise?

Try the AIS gym, the instructors are professional, the atmosphere is laid back and you can always ask for help. I’ve seen results and I’ve felt the benefits.

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