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Long Stay

Application Guide

Application guide for long stay residents
Step 1: Online ApplicationPlease fill out and submit the online application form.
Provide credit card details within the application form for payment of non-refundable application fees applicable to first time applicants.
Please send us the documents listed on the online application.
Step 2: Provisional Offer of Accommodation

We will process your online application and verify your status with your institution.

If your online application is successful, we will provide a provisional offer of accommodation for the period and package you have chosen.

To progress your application to confirmation, we will send you:
  • Residences Stay Guidelines
  • Occupancy Agreement (OA)
  • Please read and ensure you thoroughly understand these documents as the OA is a binding contract
Step 3: Occupancy Agreement, PaymentIf you agree to our terms and conditions, please sign each page of the OA, and send back via email

Organise payment as advised in our application correspondence by the due date in relation to the package you have decided upon

Paying via electronic funds transfer (EFT):
  • We require your financial institution or bank's remittance advice to be emailed to us as soon as your bank has actioned a transfer of funds to our account.
  • Final confirmation of accommodation is approved with our signing and providing you a copy of the OA.
  • Advice about permission to check into the Residences is then provided as soon as our Finance department has confirmed receipt of funds.
Step 4: ArrivalOnce final confirmation is provided, you can check into the accommodation on the OA accommodation start date agreed
Important Notes:
  • Please keep us informed of any changes in arrival date
  • Staying outside of package dates is considered as vacation stay. This will be quoted separately and require full payment on or before arrival
  • We are not required to provide details of why an application for residency might not be accepted
Bank Account details

Bank Account Name: Australian Sports Commission
Bank Name: ANZ Bank
Branch Name: Canberra City, ACT
BSB Number: 012-950
Account Number: 2329 10273
Swift Code:

Arrival, Orientation
On arrival at the ASC Residences, you will need to:
  • Fill out an arrival form and provide latest contact details
  • Sign off on linen pack for linen provided and serviced
  • Receive final documents from Reception team, and/or provide any final documents pending if required
  • Obtain room access and security cards
  • Receive an arrival induction about your stay and reminder of stay conditions
  • Obtain advice about Residences orientation session details. Attendance is obligatory.
  • Be shown to your block and room
  • Fill out and hand in room Arrival Inspection form
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