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Long Stay

AIS Residences Stay Guidelines

We hope the following information will make your stay at the AIS residences comfortable and enjoyable.

The AIS Residences community includes long-stay residents like high performance athletes, as well as a range of sporting and other groups that enjoy a variety of activities on site. To achieve a harmonious environment, residents and visitors are expected to adhere to these guidelines. The guidelines are based on common sense with a practical approach to benefit all residents in connection with the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) Values of Respect and Integrity. Residents are encouraged to take pride in, and respect, the facilities, amenities, services support staff and other residents.

Good behaviour is expected at all times

Everyone is expected to behave in a courteous, considerate and respectful manner toward other residents, staff visitors and their property. Residents should not engage in:

  • any forms of harassment, physical, verbal or emotional abuse
  • any riotous, disorderly, drunken or improper conduct
  • an act, matter or thing which may in the ASC’s reasonable opinion be annoying, dangerous, offensive or injure or prejudice the reputation of the ASC or the AIS campus
  • actions which may have the effect of causing or threatening to cause loss of life or injury or danger to persons or destruction or damage to property, including damage to the AIS campus or any equipment, facilities, fixtures, fittings, furniture or other items
  • alteration of any property of the ASC or remove it from the premises or common facilities
  • actions to overload facilities, services or use them for other than the intended purpose.

The ASC reserves the right to require anyone to leave the AIS Residences whose behaviour is considered to be objectionable, improper or unacceptable and/or in violation of the stay guidelines, Australian federal or Australian Capital Territory laws.

Good treatment of residential facilities is required

  • Should there be a need to hang a poster or photo, please use Blue Tac or removable adhesive hooks. Most rooms, common areas have picture hooks. If needed, please check with Reception if this can be organised.
  • Please don’t use anything that damages the fabric of the buildings eg surfaces like paintwork or woodwork. Examples are adhesives (like glue, sticking/strapping tape, permanent adhesive hooks, etc) and or installing screws, nails, hooks, thumb tacks, etc.
  • Residents may not keep pets of any sort for safety and hygiene reasons including as they may affect other or future residents.
  • Please avoid causing pest infestations by leaving any sort of food or dirty dishes out. This is likely to attract insects and rodents. Insects brought into accommodation areas via luggage or clothing may also cause infestations. Costs to eradicate these may be passed on to anyone who is responsible.
  • Please avoid displaying any materials that are indecent, offensive and disrespectful to anyone else.
  • Please avoid bringing any additional equipment, furniture or appliances other than what is supplied. If this is needed, please consult with the AIS Residences team.
  • Any additional services or labour provided above regular services may be charged. These may include payments, costs, fees or fines that ASC must bear to repair, replace, remove, clean, refund or pay due to or arising from a resident’s negligence, wastage, carelessness, bad behaviour, accident or refusal to follow instructions. It also includes any payments made on behalf of residents.


Residents should not make noise that affects other residents at any time.

  • Please report noise immediately to Reception during operating hours or Security after hours.
  • Noise issues should be dealt with while it is occurring as it cannot be dealt with effectively later.
  • Prompt reporting assists avoiding anyone having to endure any period of unacceptable noise.
  • Any item that may disturb others (eg music playing devices, musical instruments) should not be used in any manner that disturbs other residents, staff, or visitors.

Alcohol, smoking, illicit drugs or banned substances are not permitted

  • Alcohol and illicit drugs should not be brought in, stored or consumed at any time within the AIS Residences. If needed, the Reception team can store personal alcohol for collection during reception operational hours.
  • The AIS is a smoke free campus. Cigarettes may be stored but are not permitted to be smoked within the AIS Residences. If needed, check with reception about specific locations where smoking is permitted.


All residents involved in high performance sports are subject to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) search and discovery program for doping control.

Any item not in identifiable packaging or containers may be suspicious if they have pills, powdered or liquid substances. Other suspicious items are vials, needles or syringes.

  • These should not be touched, moved if discovered and must be reported to Security immediately. 
    • Please remain confidential about reporting the discovery.
    • Residents are expected be available to authorities and/or leave contact details if needed to answer any questions. Please keep a note of both the time and location where the items were discovered.
  • Residents should not agree to store another resident’s or visitor’s belongings due to the risk of not knowing whether there is anything that may implicate them in relation to anti-doping or dangerous items.
  • Belongings left in lounges or common areas should be locked. Responsibility is not taken.

Medical Sharp items

  • All medical sharps should be disposed of safely in contaminated sharps containers located at the AIS Sports Medicine department. Any athlete with a medical condition that requires self-injection must report this to the AIS chief medical officer so it can be recorded.
  • Please see the receptionist on duty if disposal of medical sharps is required afterhours or on the weekend.

Visitors to residents

  • Visits by non-residents are permitted between 8am and 9.30pm. Visitors may not stay overnight unless approved, booked and paid for at reception during business hours.
  • Residents are fully responsible for their visitor’s behaviour and must supervise them at all times while on site.
  • Resident should not assign rights to anyone else or sublet any part of the accommodation to them. Residents are not permitted to have anyone cohabitate within their room if the room is designated or booked for one person.

Under age residents

  • Long term athletes under the age of 16 years are not permitted to be accommodated at the AIS.
  • Long term athletes aged 16 years and above may stay with prior permission from AIS Residences management where supervision will be provided by the AIS.
  • Short term residents under the age of 18 may stay with prior permission from AIS Residences management where acceptable adult supervision is established.
  • Approval may not be provided if requested on arrival and adequate adult supervision is not organised.
  • The AIS residences have been established for athletes and the facilities, amenities may not adequately cater for the needs of young children and/or families.

Security, Access Cards

It is everyone’s responsibility to be security-conscious at all times:

  • Please notify Security immediately if any suspicious people, suspicious behaviour or disturbance, or other residents in distress are noticed.
  • Please ensure room, block main entry doors are locked for personal safety.
  • Access cards should be carried by residents for identity purposes.
  • Please enter the residences complexes through the swipe access entries provided and not via other means.
  • Access cards should not be provided to anyone else for any reason.
  • Please report lost cards to reception or Security immediately to prevent misuse of the card. Charges may apply.

Safety and maintenance

Please notify the AIS Residence team immediately of any safety concerns or any incident causing a risk. Please advise Reception of any maintenance needs as soon as possible. Only urgent items are attended to after 4.30pm.

The ASC reserves the right for its employees, contractors or agents to enter accommodation areas:

  • at reasonable times to carry out repairs or maintenance; to provide various services, facilities to carry out inspections with notice; to display to prospective residents; for any other reasonable purpose.
  • at any time if the ASC has reason to believe that the resident may have abandoned their room; if the ASC has reason to believe that the resident may have breached the terms and conditions of agreements or rules and regulations, including without limitation a suspected breach of the prohibition of alcohol and illicit drugs; and/or if the ASC has reason to believe the resident is in a state of health where immediate and/or emergency assistance is needed.

Please do not climb out of windows, onto roofs, ledges or access any area via balconies.

Please do not ride bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades or similar items on walkways and paths within the AIS Residences.

Bicycles should not be stored within accommodation as per fire regulations. See Reception for locker storage details.

Cleaners work on tight schedules and therefore should be able to access all common areas, bedrooms without obstruction or danger to be able to clean to required standards.

  • Please avoid cluttering any area or have belongings (eg books, bags, clothing, wires, etc) across floors as these cause trip hazards not only to residents but various staff.
  • Please regularly remove personal rubbish into larger garbage bins provided. Excessive rubbish (eg empty boxes, packaging, discarded belongings) should be disposed to hoppers. Please see Reception about locations.

Fire Safety

Please familiarise yourself with the fire safety booklets located around the AIS Residences. Please avoid bringing into, or discharge anything likely to cause injury to anyone (including yourself) or cause damage to property.

  • Lighting incense, candles, or any sort of flame, source of ignition or electrical overload (matches, lighters, multiple or piggy-backed power boards, double adopters) causes fire risks and sets off fire alarms. These should not be used or attempted within the residences.
  • Fire equipment (extinguishers, hoses), room doors and door closers, should not be used improperly and/or outside of an emergency, or tampered.
  • Please avoid setting off a false fire alarm purposefully or carelessly. Residents may be liable for ACT Fire Brigade call out fees of $1,500 or more (call out fees are subject to change without notice).
  • Should you wish to organise a social gathering and/or party, please consult with AIS Residences management for approval at least three business days in advance. 
    • Residences management will assess the application and may approve this if there is no impact to other residents and the intent of the event is consistent with these guidelines.
    • Where approval is not provided, more appropriate options may be suggested for the type of event envisaged.

Dining Hall

The AIS Residences Dining Hall services are provided to residents, ASC staff and authorised visitors. It is a shared space and patrons are expected to share seating with a variety of groups both sporting and non-sporting. Everyone is expected to follow good hygiene practices.

Please follow the directions of the Dining Hall monitor and meet the scheduled timings set for groups.

  • Food is ordered to meet anticipated needs. Additional helpings may be taken but wastage is strongly discouraged. Excessive waste may be charged to the individual or group.
  • Patrons are expected to be well behaved and refrain from making excessive noise.
  • All patrons should clear their dirty dishes and any rubbish from tables to the dirty dish return locations. Anyone leaving a mess may incur additional cleaning fees.
  • Food or supplies are not permitted out of the Dining Hall. Only approved and pre-booked orders (eg packed lunches) may be collected. High performance athletes are at times permitted to take a plate of food out to the adjacent High Performance Room which is only accessible to them.
  • High performance athletes must be allowed to pass to the front of lines.
  • Most dietary needs are catered for. Please speak to dining hall monitor, chefs at meal times if you have any questions. Residents with specific dietary needs are expected to organise arrangements in advance of arrival.


Residents or group managers, should notify the AIS Residences team or Security of illness immediately including if it occurs overnight. This is so timely actions are taken to prevent any spread of contagious illnesses within a group and/or to other residents. Residents may be asked to follow some strategies promoted by the ACT Health Department to reduce the risk of spread of contagious illnesses.

Until confirmation of the type of illness is established and/or appropriate measures put into place to reduce the risk of spread of illness, anyone feeling ill or become ill with the flu, having a fever, vomited and/or having diarrhoea should not enter the Dining Hall for 48 hours. The AIS Residences team can assist in making arrangement for delivery of meals.

Personal electronic devices, internet access

For personal device issues, please seek external help. The ASC IT helpdesk only covers ASC network-related matters.

The ASC does not guarantee or take any responsibility for loss of data, hardware or software issues that occur when using the ASC network (via plug in or Wi-Fi) or due to drop-in services, speeds.

Photography, filming

Where a resident is part of a group, photos or filming of group members is permitted. Residents are not permitted to take photos of others unless they have their consent.

Photography or filming by non-residents like the media within the residential complexes should be organised with, and approved by, ASC Media in advance. The AIS Residences team can assist by providing contact information.


Departure time on checkout day is by 10am

  • Please vacate rooms and return swipe cards by 10am. Late departures should be requested by arrival date. Approval may be provided depending on occupancy demands. There may be additional charges.
  • Storage facilities are available for the day of departure. Conditions apply for longer term storage requests.
  • Any belongings left in rooms or blocks after 10am will be considered abandoned. These will be removed if the departed resident is not contactable or unable to remove their belongings within a required time.
  • Responsibility is not taken for the safety or security of abandoned belongings. If ownership is not established or claimed within the week of departure, these will be disposed.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

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