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Daily Training Environment Video Optimisation Grant

Helping National Sporting Organisations maximise their training outcomes

DTE Video Optimisation Grant Guidelines

The Australian Institute of Sport’s (AIS) strategic intent is to lead and enable a united and collaborative high performance system that supports Australian athletes achieve podium success. One of the fundamental ways the AIS can achieve this strategic objective is to support athletes in their daily training environment (DTE).

The AIS recently received Commonwealth Government funding to deploy a ‘Daily Training Environment Video Optimisation Initiative’ designed to support National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) in their use of video infrastructure via the Australian Sport Video System (ASVS).

Developed by the AIS, the ASVS aims to reduce fragmentation and improve the alignment of video resources across the national high performance system by creating unified infrastructure that will enable sports to improve data governance, data infrastructure, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

To execute appropriate deployment of Commonwealth Government funds and increase the probability of a successful high performance outcome, the AIS undertook a procurement process to identify the preferred provider of video infrastructure for this DTE Video Optimisation Grant. Based on the strategic objectives of the program, Fulcrum Technologies was identified as the preferred provider.


The Commonwealth Government has, as part of their pre-Election commitment for high performance infrastructure projects, provided $1,000,000 funding to the AIS to deploy as a DTE Video Optimisation Grant program.

The Grant is designed to provide system and facility upgrades to NSOs to maximise training outcomes via the ASVS developed by the AIS in partnership with Fulcrum Technology.

The desired outcomes from this grant include:

  • the sophistication of the daily use of video technology to inform best practice athlete training;
  • the accumulation of properly curated video data that enables performance gains to be monitored over time;
  • the eventual incorporation of cutting edge artificial intelligence being developed by the AIS and its partners; and
  • the organisation of video data according to FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

As part of the initiative, the AIS will provide a grant to NSOs to purchase Fulcrum hardware and software, edge devices and install system infrastructure and provide video machine learning analytics where possible.

Funding Amounts and Timeframe

A total funding pool of $1,000,000 is available across a two-phase period. The two-phase period will commence in December 2020 and conclude by December 2022.

Phase 1 funding comprises a budget of up to $450,000 for roll out and development purposes. Phase 2 funding will be determined when Phase 1 funds are fully expended. The AIS will notify NSOs on the Grant program website when Phase 2 details are finalised.

The program will be phased as follows:

Phase 1
Applications Open16 December 2020
Applications Close31 March 2021
Advise successful applicantsApril/May 2021
Phase 2
Grant Program details announced30 November 2021
Applications Open15 December 2021
Applications Close31 March 2022
Advise successful applicantsApril/May 2022

Grant amounts will be determined by the AIS as part of the assessment process. The amounts may vary between applicants and may not be the full amount requested in the grant application.

Successful applicants will be published on the Grant program website.

Eligibility Criteria

Any AIS high performance (HP) funded NSO is eligible to apply.

How to Apply

Eligible NSOs are encouraged to develop an application for the DTE Video Optimisation Grant. Applications will only be accepted upon completion of the below:

  1. Contact Fulcrum Technology ( and initiate a quotation for a specific DTE video system specific to their sport environment.
  2. Consider the implications and incremental value the technology may offer the NSO for performance outcomes across their athlete cohort.
  3. Consider the resources available within the sport that ensures the technology delivers a successful HP outcome. Resources may need to include technical staff, training staff, coaches and/or support staff with an active role in the project.
  4. Provide detail of the performance advantage that might be gained through the use of this proposed system.
  5. Provide assurance that the NSO / DTE is able to provide ongoing support for the use of the system.
  6. Provide inclusion of the Fulcrum Technolgies quote to install cameras and other infrastructure.
  7. Provide detail of any proposed co-funding arrangements which would necessarily include cloud storage costs and annual software licence costs.

Submissions should be emailed to with the subject line “DTE Video Optimisation Grant”. A confirmation email will be sent to applicants once submissions are received.

Applicants will be updated on their submission based on the funding timetable in the ‘Funding Amount and Timeframe’ section above.

Assessment Consideration

The AIS does not require any specific template or format be used for application submissions. This is deliberately intended to allow applicants the ability to craft a submission that suits their project based on resources and information available.

To support applicants in better understanding the moderation panel, the AIS has prepared a framework of considerations that will be used to guide decision making by the Moderation Panel. No weighting will apply to the following Assessment Considerations and each applicant will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Submission Review

  • Has the applicant followed the development path outlined in the grant briefing?
  • Does the grant application consider the implications and incremental value the technology may offer the NSO for performance outcomes across their athlete pathway?
  • Does the grant application consider the resources available within the sport to ensure the technology delivers a successful and sustainable HP outcome?
  • Does the grant application detail the performance advantage that might be gained through the use of this proposed system?
  • Is there assurance in the grant application that the NSO / DTE is able to provide ongoing support for the use of the system?
  • Does the grant application include the Fulcrum Technolgies quote to install cameras and other infrastructure?
  • Does the grant application include detail of any proposed co-funding arrangements?

Project Suitability

  • Has the NSO undertaken all the necessary enquiries to determine where and how video installation will take place within the facility?
  • What are the implications and realistic value the system may offer the NSO for performance outcomes across the NSO pathway?
  • To what extent does the applicant have the resources (including technical staff, coaches and support staff) and capability to successfully carry out the project?
  • What is the applicant’s history of executing previous grants?


  • How appropriate is the grant application in terms of funds requested?
  • Has the grant application received the approval/support of the CEO and Performance Director?

Assessment Process

All applications will initially be assessed by the AIS against the eligibility criteria.

Eligible applications will then proceed to the Moderation Panel. The Moderation Panel will consider each eligible application against the Assessment Consideration Framework and will make recommendations to the AIS CEO.

The Moderation Panel will be comprised of:

  • Director Sport Strategy and Investment, AIS – Chair
  • Director Applied Technology and Infrastructure, AIS
  • Manager System Strategy and Investment, AIS
  • NIN Representative * Independent Member

Who will approve the Grants

The AIS CEO will decide which grants to approve taking into account the availability of grant funds for the purposes of the grant program. The AIS CEO’s decision is final in all matters, including; the approval of the grant, the grant amount to be awarded and the terms and conditions of the grant.

There is no appeal mechanism to approve or not approve a grant.

Notification of Applicant Outcomes

All applicants will be notified by email of the outcome of their application including:

  • any funding amount to be awarded (inclusive of GST); and
  • the specific terms and conditions of any funding.

Grant Agreement Variation

Successful applicants will enter into a funding agreement with the AIS. Grant payments will not be made until an executed funding Sport Investment Agreement variation is in place and the AIS will not be responsible for any project expenditure until this time. The AIS may pay retrospective payments if deemed reasonable throughout the Assessment Process if approved as part of the Grant application.

Disclosure of Information

The AIS must treat any personal information according to the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Your personal information can only be disclosed to someone for the primary purpose for which it was collected, unless an exemption applies.

Personal information submitted via the online application is collected by the AIS for the purpose of considering applications for and administering the program. The information collected may be disclosed to other government agencies for this purpose.

The personal details of successful applicants or participants (including name, home state, sport, supporting organisation, the value of the grant awarded and a brief description of the purpose for the grant) may be released by the AIS to the public and the media and may be placed on the ASC website, including for the use of promotional purposes.

View the AIS Privacy Policy.

Conflict of interest

Any conflicts of interest could affect the performance of the grant opportunity or Program. There may be a conflict of interest, or perceived conflict of interest, if AIS staff, any member of the Assessment Panel, a committee or advisor, and/or you or any of your personnel, for example:

  • has a professional, commercial or personal relationship with a party who is able to influence the application selection process, such as a AIS officer, or a member of an external panel
  • has a relationship with, or interest in, an organisation which is likely to interfere with or restrict the applicants from carrying out the proposed activities fairly and independently or
  • has a relationship with, or interest in, an organisation from which they will receive personal gain because the organisation receives a grant under the grant Program.

Sports will be asked to declare, as part of your application, any perceived or existing conflicts of interests or that, to the best of your knowledge, there is no conflict of interest. If you later identify an actual, apparent, or potential conflict of interest, AIS must be informed in writing immediately.

Conflicts of interest for AIS staff will be handled in accordance with AIS’s Conflict of Interest Policy. Moderation Panel members will also be required to declare any conflicts of interest.

Enquiries and feedback 

If you have any questions regarding the small NSO Infrastructure Grant, please contact:

Any compliants can be lodged using the Sport Australia complaints form on our website

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