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Australian Institute of Sport

Professional Networks

Connecting and strengthening sports science and sports medicine professional networks in the high performance sports system

The National Sports Science and Sports Medicine (SSSM) Network Leads create connection and build system capability in National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and the National Institute Network (NIN) – particularly with SSSM providers through an interdisciplinary approach.

The National SSSM Network Leads:

  • Establish ongoing high performance (HP) system engagement as “network” facilitators and connectors in the HP system
  • Are a point of contact for NSO, NIN and SSSM practitioner networks, and identify and forecast common needs and opportunities across sport and the NIN - identified needs and opportunities will contribute to informing AIS projects, resourcing and research activity or partnerships
  • Inform Professional Networks activity aligned with strategic areas of focus
  • Are based in NSO and NIN environments nationally, with a focus on facilitating two way communication and an understanding of the day-to-day needs in daily performance environments.

While appointed by “discipline” the National SSSM Network Leads, operate as an interdisciplinary team and promote interdisciplinary approaches and ways of working to the HP system.

Elissa Phillips

Performance Nutrition
Gary Slater

Sports Medicine
Dr David Hughes

Performance Psychology
Jonah Oliver

Physical Therapies
Jen Cooke

Rodney Siegel

Strength & Conditioning
Peter Culhane

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