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Connecting and strengthening sports science and sports medicine professional networks in the high performance sports system

The Professional Networks team works across the Australian high performance (HP) sport system to lead and share approaches to best practice through an interdisciplinary approach.

The team aim to prevent duplication and identify opportunities to provide system-enhancing solutions to support world class performance support teams across the HP system.

Professional Networks has three key strategic areas of focus:



To build a united and collaborative high performance support system

  • Maintain inter- and intra-disciplinary connection in the HP system.
  • Facilitate communication platforms, manage resources, articulate and share network connections and activity.
  • Facilitate discipline specific groups to provide advisory input to the Professional Networks strategy.
  • Provide advisory and consultancy services to National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and the National Institute Network (NIN).
  • Support Games delivery partners.
  • With the aim of reducing duplication and building capability and capacity across the network.



To develop world class performance support people who contribute to Australian podium success

  • Lead or support the delivery of development initiatives focusing on leadership, working in interdisciplinary teams, HP system awareness & technical capability (role specific).
  • Support end-to-end best practice strategic hiring practices.
  • Inform early career initiatives in the HP system and develop the next generation of SSSM practitioners working in HP sport.
  • Support and influence professional membership bodies.



To promote continual improvement and new ways of working

  • Forecast and identify common themes in Sport and NIN.
  • Facilitate nationally scalable projects to promote better practice aligned with themes.
  • Contribute to the research agenda.
  • Promote idea generation from outside of the HP system.
  • Develop and communicate Best Practice guidelines and frameworks.
  • Facilitate Peer review consultancy on request.
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