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Australian Institute of Sport

Australia’s strategic high performance sport agency

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) mission is to lead and enable a united high performance (HP) system that supports Australian athletes/teams to achieve podium success.

The AIS drives and enables success in part through a collaborative strategic high performance investment approach to sports and athletes.

The AIS has two primary roles in the Australian HP system:

  • To lead and enable a united, collaborative high performance system.
  • To do the big system-level things on the frontiers of ethical sporting performance that no other body is naturally positioned to do.

To deliver on this role in the system, the AIS has defined five key strategic priorities:


Strengthen the Australian high performance system through a united, collaborative approach – get the basics right


Drive overall investment and resource allocation to optimise performance outcomes


Transform Australia’s high performance workforce to deliver performance outcomes


Develop system capability to provide for athlete personal development, wellbeing and engagement with the community


Solve strategic performance problems on frontiers of ethical performance via applied research, technology and innovation

The High Performance System: at a glance

Org structure of the HP system


  • National pride and inspiration through international sporting success

Defining system success

  • Leading and enabling a united and collaborative high performance system that supports Australian athletes to consistently win medals at major international events.
  • Our high performance system is recognised as world-leading, prioritising wellbeing, with athletes positively influencing the Australian community.

Priority areas of focus

  • Establish strong fundamental conditions for success throughout the system.
  • Build system capability, particularly in the NSOs and the NIN.
  • Target investment for current and future cycles with performance accountability.
  • Support athlete wellbeing and facilitate their engagement with communities.
  • Execute the big things on the frontiers of ethical sporting performance that no other body is naturally positioned to do, including through multi-disciplinary expert programs
  • AIS Operations

High performance system partners

  • National Institute Network
  • National Sporting Organisations (NSOs)
  • Games partners (Australian Olympic Committee, Paralympics Australia, Commonwealth Games Australia)
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