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Australian Institute of Sport

Australia’s strategic high performance sport agency

High performance sport has evolved significantly in the four decades that have passed since the creation of the AIS.  When it opened its doors, the AIS was unique in its focus on high performance success and development of sport science and high performance training methods. As the AIS model delivered results for Australian athletes, it was replicated not only abroad, but by Australian states and territories and Australian sports.

Now, every state and territory has a separate institute or academy, professional sporting teams have their own high performance centres and programs, National Sporting Organisations have become more capable and new technology has made access to high performance programs and the data and analytics that drives it easier than ever before.

Rather than continuing its role as a competitor to our state and sporting bodies, as a system leader, the AIS will now focus on agile and efficient structures that enable athletes to access the latest information and innovation in high performance programs wherever and whenever they need it.

The AIS will be responsible for high performance funding allocations, national programs, research and innovation, and along with the ACT Academy of Sport, high performance activity across the Canberra campus.

Working closely with the National Institute Network and National Sporting Organisations, the AIS has developed a new operation model based on the following First Principles Approach to how we work with, collaborate and enable the Australian high performance sport system.

The new operating model is based on the following principles


A National High Performance Sport Strategy, developed by the AIS in partnership with its National Institute Network partners and in consultation with Sport, will guide the Federal and all State and Territory governments’ investment in high performance sport


Sport is responsible for leading, developing and implementing their plans in line with the National High Performance strategy and agreed sport plans


The AIS, as the Federal Government agency, has the primary responsibility to lead and enable a united collaborative high performance system that supports Australian athletes to achieve international success


The NIN partners, as State Government agencies, have the primary responsibility to support sport to develop and deliver high performance pathways to Podium and Developing athletes within their jurisdiction in alignment with a sport’s National Plan


Decision making by system partners is collaborative, informed and transparent and in line with strategic aims and accountabilities

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