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COVID-19 and Sporting Activity

Current advice for those using the AIS Canberra Campus

Last updated 1 March 2021

Please find below the latest update prepared by AIS Medicine for the information of all HP sports located and operating from the AIS Campus.

There have been no changes to the AIS COVID Medical protocols since the last update on 19/02/2021.

These restrictions are essential to ensure we can provide a COVID-safe environment for you and others on site and keep the AIS a COVID-free environment in the lead up to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics and Paralympics.

For Centre of Excellence sports, can you please forward on these updates to any engaged providers that are involved in supporting your respective programs (eg. CoE servicing staff/contractors).

General Advice (including in Canberra)

General Advice (including in Canberra)

  • Communal indoor settings such as domestic/family gatherings, religious services, clubs, pubs, cafes, restaurants, communal living facilities (nursing homes, hotels, cruise ships) remain high risk for outbreaks.
  • If you have any symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, fever, runny nose, sore throat, loss of smell or taste, unexplained fatigue, muscle aches) do not attend work/training AND get tested as soon as symptoms develop.
  • Athletes can bring their parents/family to appointments at AIS Clinical Services (Sports Medicine and Physical Therapies) but must notify AIS Clinical Services Reception before the appointment and answer COVID19 screening questions. Any parents/family that turn up without completing these steps may be turned away.


Restrictions on Athletes/Staff Coming From Greater Melbourne:

  • Victoria came out of lockdown on 18 February, and Victorians are now allowed to enter ACT.
  • Anyone coming to the AIS from Greater Melbourne should only come onsite IF:
    • You have NOT been in any of the specified COVID public exposure sites listed here at the specified times.
    • You comply with ‘stay at home’ requirements for the 14 days before your arrival. Details on ‘stay at home’ requirements can be found on the attached forms.

Restrictions on Athletes/Staff Coming From NSW:

  • ‘Stay at home’ restrictions for NSW have been removed, given some time has passed since there was a new community case here.

Restrictions on Athletes/Staff Coming From Perth:

  • ‘Stay at home’ restrictions for Perth have been removed, given some time has passed since there was a new community case here.

Updated Medical Requirements for New CoE or Camps Athletes/Staff: from January 2021

  • There are several changes for new CoE or camps athletes/staff including:
  • No routine individual telehealth COVID-19 mini-screens for all new camps athletes/staff. Targeted telehealth calls from medical staff will still occur (e.g. those from higher risk locations, or considered higher risk for other reasons).
  • In place, there will be a group education session, approximately 7 days before any new camps groups. AIS Sports Medicine will be in contact with Camps Managers to arrange this.
  • AMS COVID19 Screening will be required for the 14 days prior to arriving at the AIS (camps athletes/staff or new CoE athletes/staff). Non-compliant athletes and staff will not be permitted onsite. Anyone having IT issues related to their AMS login should contact AMS (email: to rectify this.
  • For CoE and Camps, daily pre-training temperature checks will no longer be mandatory in 2021. This is based on medical advice given the utility of temperature checks and ongoing lack of local cases in the ACT. However it is still vital that anyone with even the mildest of respiratory symptoms isolates themselves and informs AIS Sports Medicine as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms.

Contact us

If you have any medical questions about COVID-19 (including about travel or any symptoms) please contact the AIS Medicine doctor attached to your sport or Dr Richard Saw (Lead Physician – AIS Sports Medicine) at or 02 6214 1253.

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