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GMR Alumni

Learning from those who have experienced success at the Olympic and Paralympic Games is a key
component of the GMR Program. The GMR Alumni are Australia’s gold medal winning athletes and
coaches who share their knowledge and experience about being ready to perform at the Games.

  • Suzy Balogh (Shooting)
  • Ryan Bayley (Cycling)
  • Kim Brennan (Rowing)
  • Lauren Burns (Taekwondo)
  • Sara Carrigan (Cycling)
  • Jo Clark (Water Polo)
  • Natalie Cook (Beach Volleyball)
  • Priya Cooper (Swimming)
  • David Crawshay (Rowing)
  • Troy Elder (Hockey)
  • Heath Francis (Athletics)
  • Duncan Free (Rowing)
  • Drew Ginn (Rowing)
  • Brenden Hall (Swimming)
  • Juliet Haslam (Hockey)
  • Rechelle Hawkes (Hockey)
  • Jodie Henry (Swimming)
  • Steve Hooker (Athletics)
  • Leisel Jones (Swimming)
  • Tom King (Sailing)
  • Mark Knowles (Hockey)
  • Matt Levy (Swimming)
  • Brent Livermore (Hockey)
  • Clover Maitland (Hockey)
  • Naomi Mccarthy (Water Polo)
  • Curtis Mcgrath (Canoe)
  • Anna Meares (Cycling)
  • Matthew Mitcham (Diving)
  • Lakeisha Patterson (Swimming)
  • Kerri Pottharst (Beach Volleyball)
  • Katrina Powell (Hockey)
  • Stephanie Rice (Swimming)
  • Emma Snowsill (Triathlon)
  • Libby Trickett (Swimming)
  • Ken Wallace (Kayak)
  • Deb Watson (Water Polo)
  • Katrina Webb (Athletics)
  • Matt Wells (Hockey)
  • Danielle Woodhouse (Water Polo)

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