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The Gold Medal Ready program is an initiative to help Australian athletes familiarise themselves with the pressures of the Olympic environment.

The Gold Medal Ready program aims to support medal potential athletes and coaches be “ready” for the stress, pressure and expectation to perform to their best and win at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. More than 150 athletes and coaches will participate in the program prior to the 2020 Olympics completing education, skill development, mentoring and specifically designed activities delivered in partnership with the Australian Army’s Special Operations Command. The program enables our athletes to learn how to reach their peak performance and deliver their best performance at the Olympic Games.

The Gold Medal Ready Program objectives are:

  • Learning from those who have achieved success at the Olympic Games
  • Mindset, mental preparation and ready to perform at the Olympic Games
  • Familiarisation with the Olympic Games environment and experience

The program delivers the following opportunities to our Australian Olympic sports:

  • Mentoring from gold medal winning athletes and coaches, and our 2-Commando team
  • Education skills and strategies
  • Stress inoculation camps with the Australian Army Defence Special Operations Training and Education Centre

Gold Medal Alumni

A group of Olympic champions, known as the Gold Medal Alumni, are showing their support to the next generation of athletes as part of the Gold Medal Ready program. Gold Medal Alumni are a part of the program to share their personal stories and knowledge, through experience, with other athletes. The incredible support from our Olympic gold medallists shows the special bonds and national spirit that sport can provide.

The Alumni come from 13 different sports and their athletic careers have spanned Olympic Games from 1988 through to the most recent 2016 Rio Olympics.

Kim Brennan
Rowing, Gold Medallist 2016

Scott Brennan
Rowing, Gold Medallist 2008

Lauren Burns
Taekwondo, Gold Medallist 2000

Sara Carrigan
Road Cycling, Gold Medallist 2004

Nat Cook
Beach Volleyball, Gold Medallist 2000

Suzy Corry (nee Balogh)
Shooting, Gold Medallist 2004

David Crawshay
Rowing, Gold Medallist 2008

Troy Elder
Hockey, Gold Medallist, 2004

Duncan Free
Rowing, Gold Medallist 2008

Drew Ginn
Rowing, Gold Medallist 1996, 2004, 2008

Juliet Haslam
Hockey, Gold Medallist, 1996, 2000

Rechelle Hawkes
Hockey, Gold Medallist, 1988, 1996, 2000

Jodie Henry
Swimming, Gold Medallist 3 x 2004

Steve Hooker
Pole Vault, Gold Medallist 2008

Leisel Jones
Swimming, Gold Medallist 2004, 2 x 2008

Tom King
Sailing, Gold Medallist 2000

Mark Knowles
Hockey, Gold Medallist, 2004

Brent Livermore
Hockey, Gold Medallist 2004

Clover Maitland
Hockey, Gold Medallist 1996, 2000

Naomi McCarthy
Waterpolo, Gold Medallist 2000

Anna Meares
Track Cycling, Gold Medallist 2004, 2012

Matthew Mitcham
Diving, Gold Medallist 2008

Kerri Pottharst
Beach Volleyball, Gold Medallist 2000

Katrina Powell
Hockey, Gold Medallist 1996, 2000

Stephanie Rice
Swimming, Gold Medallist 3 x 2008

Emma Snowsill
Triathlon, Gold Medallist 2008

Libby Trickett
Swimming, Gold Medallist 2004, 2 x 2008, 2012

Deb Watson
Waterpolo, Gold Medallist 2000

Matt Wells
Hockey, Gold Medallist, 2004

Danielle Woodhouse
Waterpolo, Gold Medallist 2000

Alumni Coaches

Barry Dancer


Rohan Taylor


Craig Jackson


Rhett Ayliffe


Brent Vallance


Glenn Beringen


Shannon Rollason


Tim Walsh

Rugby Union

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