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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is proud of the support we have provided to athletes on their journey to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The AIS leads Australia’s high performance sport system and, funded by the Australian Government, is the largest investor in our nation’s Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games athletes and sports.



in direct investment to sports each year, including $14.6m in athlete grant (dAIS)

In 2021-22 the AIS, in partnership with Commonwealth Games Australia, boosted dAIS grants to $16.4m

In 2021-22, dAIS supported 1057 athletes in Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sports

333 athletes
on the Birmingham Commonwealth Games team (more than 3 in 4) received dAIS grants to support preparation


The AIS campus in Canberra is a unique one-stop Hub for advances in Australian high performance sport.
Demand is high, and growing! In the first half of 2022 there has been:

High performance sport camps

athletes and sport staff

Across 25 different sports (14 Commonwealth Games Sports)


AIS Combat Centre

The Australian Wrestling Squad ramped up preparations for Birmingham by staging two national camps at the AIS Combat Centre.


The AIS will lead recovery strategies for our Australian athletes in Birmingham.

Performance Pathways Workforce Grant

Australia’s most talented young athletes are being supported on their long-term quest for success by the AIS’s Performance Pathways Workforce Grant program.

Navigating the Covid-19 Pandemic

AIS Medicine has played a key leadership role in assisting high performance sports and athletes manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Centres of Excellence at the AIS

Basketball has a long and rich history at the AIS and 3x3 Basketball is the latest version of the sport bring showcased in Birmingham.

AIS Education Scholarships

The AIS supports athletes to be successful in sport and life, with AIS Education Scholarships helping athletes to pursue education during their sport careers.

Share a Yarn

There will be a record ten First Nations athletes representing Australia in Birmingham.

Women Leaders in Sport (WLIS)

The AIS Talent program is part of a suite of Women Leaders in Sport programs run by the Australian Sports Commission to ensure greater diversity in sport across all roles and at all levels.

Performance Pathways Strategic Investment Grant

The AIS is investing in sports to identify, develop, support and progress our talented athletes of the future.

Athlete Advisory Committee

There are 10 athletes on the AIS Athlete Advisory Committee and five will be competing in Birmingham.

Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement (AW&E)

Guiding our athletes through this challenging period has been a national network of more than 30 Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement managers.

Female Performance & Health Initiative (FPHI)

FPHI was established by the AIS in 2019 to improve awareness and understanding of key female athlete performance and health considerations.

Mental Fitness Program

The AIS Mental Fitness Program is a partnership with the Black Dog Institute which promotes positive psychology and wellbeing strategies for young people.

National Generation 2032 Coach Program

In a flagship coach development program, 31 coaches from 22 sports have been selected for two-year paid coaching apprenticeships as part of a joint initiative between the AIS, National Institute Network and National Sporting Organisations.

Mental Health Referral Network (MHRN)

Supporting athlete mental health and wellbeing is a priority for the AIS and the services have never been more important than the past two years.

Elevate Athlete2Coach Program

Olympic gold medallist Emilee Barton (nee Cherry) has credited long-term support from the AIS for helping her transition into coaching.

Video Optimisation Grants Program

Australian athletes around the country have received a boost ahead of the Commonwealth Games thanks to new state-of-the art video technology from the AIS.

dAIS Grants

The AIS doesn’t just invest in National Sporting Organisations, it directly supports athletes with grants – known as dAIS Grants - totalling more than $14.6m every year.

Small NSO Infrastructure Grant

The AIS Small NSO Infrastructure grant is aimed at assisting National Sporting Organisations without the bigger budgets.

AIS Engineering

The AIS Engineering team and workshop provides a unique advantage for Australian athletes and sport, creating custom equipment for optimal performance.

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