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Framework sets prioritisation for AIS site access

The AIS has had to introduce a framework to prioritise sports access to facilities and residences as we manage the current capacity limits due to COVID.

  1. Centre of Excellence programs and related bookings remain a high priority for residences and facilities. At certain times, special consideration will be provided for groups preparing for Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games or senior World Championships.
  2. High Performance camps will take priority over events (eg tournaments or conferences with groups staying on site)
  3. National Sporting Organisation bookings for both camps and events will take priority over other groups in the following order: SIS/SAS, SSO, professional sports and any commercial activities.
  4. Sports will be prioritised using the NSO Sport Categorisation list published on the AIS website Sport Categorisation | Australian Institute of Sport (
  5. Bookings remain tentative until 60 days prior to the commencement of the activity. This provides capacity to accept later bookings from NSOs for higher priority camps which may potentially displace conflicting but lower priority bookings already held. Inside of 60 days, any existing bookings will not be cancelled.
  6. Event requests will be capped at a maximum of 100 people staying in residences per event and a total of 200 people staying in residences for multiple events occurring at the same time. During the peak ACT school holiday period, this will be reduced further to a maximum of 50 and 100 people staying in residences respectively due to the higher demand for HP camps during these periods.
  7. Event bookings can only be requested up to 12 months in advance, with confirmation provided 60 days out.
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