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EVOLVE Work Placement Program

Lifelong successful careers for Australia’s elite athletes to inspire future generations

EVOLVE is a new Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) initiative that connects elite athletes with endorsed organisations for a wide range of flexible employment and professional development opportunities. The EVOLVE program intends to establish a structured national employer program for categorised elite athletes to work with reputable, innovative and forward thinking global, national and local employers who understand their needs and have the capability to unlock their potential as high-performance people.

In supporting athlete wellbeing, the EVOLVE program, in conjunction with other program offerings by the AIS, seeks to support athletes in their ongoing development, readiness and transition from elite athlete to post-athlete life.

EVOLVE is both athlete and employer focused and allows a smooth transition into the workforce.

In line with its ethos of mutual benefit, EVOLVE has been designed to offer maximum opportunities, benefits and flexibility to its employer partners and all participating athletes.

AIS Evolve Workplace Program

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EVOLVE Employer Partners

AIS identified EVOLVE Employer Partners will have the opportunity to be recognised by the AIS and National Sporting Organisations through the use of the EVOLVE Employer Partnership Seal.

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Evolve is accessible to all current categorised athletes and coaches, alumni athletes and emerging and developing athletes who sit on level 1-5 on the Athlete Categorisation table for an AIS funded sport. In practice these are elite athletes engaged in training or competition at a national or international level.


To access these materials or to find out more contact your State and Territory Institute/Academy of Sport or Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Manager within your sport. Alternately you can email

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