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Career and Education

AIS Education Scholarship

Supporting Australian High Performance athletes in their pursuit of study and educational experiences

Applications are now closed. Successful applicants will be notified at the end of October 2020.

AIS 2020 Education Scholarship

The AIS has recently benefited from receiving a generous one off private donation for the sole purpose of supporting Australian High Performance athletes in their pursuit of study and educational experiences.

The scholarship has been established in recognising current Australian High Performance athletes who are committing themselves beyond their training and competitions, pursuing further self and professional development in preparation for a career after their sporting pursuits.

The benefit of studying whilst as a high performance athlete are:

commit yourself to pursuits that benefit you for life following your athlete career
provides for the ability to advance your knowledge in a particular field, either as an interest or for future career options
contributes to your professional development
provides an alternate experience to accompany your daily training environment and participation in competitions
provide the ability to “inspire and share study experience for the benefit of others, including other athletes

Important dates

  • Applications Closed: 21 September 2020
  • Successful applicants notified: End October 2020


To be eligible to apply for the AIS 2020 Education Scholarship, an athlete must:

  1. At the time of application, be categorised by their National Sporting Organisation (NSO) as Podium, Podium Potential or Podium Ready within the AIS Athlete Categorisation Framework in 2020;
  2. Be intending to enrol, currently enrolled, or part way through a course/unit of study in 2020, OR have already successfully completed (at a pass level or greater) a course/unit of study in a previous academic semester of 2020 and can provide academic transcripts to make a retrospective claim.
  3. Any study must be for an Approved Course (as defined below);

  4. Have no anti-doping rule violations or match fixing offences at any time.

What can the Scholarship money be used for?

Scholarship funds can only be used by the applicant as a contribution towards course fees for a single semester of study (which is to be completed during 2020) in an Approved Course. In the event of a retrospective claim by the applicant, the funds may be used as a reimbursement for course fees already paid toward study completed in 2020.

An ‘Approved Course’ is a recognised Australian University degree or TAFE course from an educational institution that is part of the Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN). A listing of educational institutions can be found at;

Note that successful applicants will be required to provide evidence to substantiate the eligible course fees incurred or payable by them before any Scholarship funding will be paid.

Assessment Process and Scholarship Approval

All applications will initially be assessed by the AIS against the eligibility criteria. Only one application will be considered per athlete.

Eligible applications will then proceed to assessment against the selection criteria through a competitive process. This assessment will be undertaken by an AIS Assessment Panel, which will comprise representatives from the AIS, high performance system, education network and two independent members.

The Assessment Panel will consider each eligible application on its merits based on how well it meets the selection criteria and how it compares to other applications.

The Assessment Panel will provide recommendations for the consideration of the CEO AIS, who will provide the final approval for the award of Scholarships under this program.

Selection Criteria

Applicants must address the following selection criteria in their application. Eligible applications will be assessed against these criteria:

  • The purpose and benefits of the study for which the applicant is seeking funding;
  • Demonstration of financial need, including the benefits and support offered by financial assistance;
  • Demonstration of study complementing their high performance activities and preparation for a post athlete career; and
  • Demonstration of how they are, or propose to, share the experience of their study to inspire, and for the benefit of others, including other athletes.

How to Apply

Applications are now closed.

Before applying for an Athlete Education Scholarship in 2020 you will need to read and understand the AIS Athlete Education Scholarship Program 2020 guidelines, including the Terms and Conditions.

Only one application should be submitted per athlete.

Applications are to be completed by the closing date.  Late applications will not be accepted.

To complete the application, applicants need to have the following information:

  • applicant’s current athlete categorisation details
  • applicant’s educational institution and course details
  • any supporting documentation to your application e.g. enrolments, commitments etc.
  • applicant’s personal and bank account details

You will receive an automated email receipt if the application is submitted successfully. You are responsible for ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the information within the application. Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Code 1995 and may result in your application being excluded from further consideration.

If you find an error in your application after submitting it, you should contact us immediately using the details below.

If we find an error or information that is missing, we may ask for clarification or additional information from you.  However, we do not have to accept additional information or requests from you to correct or change your application after the closing time.

If you need further guidance on the application process or wish to withdraw a submitted application, please contact:


Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest for AIS staff will be handled in accordance with the organisation’s Conflict of Interest Policy. Assessment Panel members must also declare any conflicts of interest.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding the Athlete Education Scholarship program, please contact:

John Hutchinson – Education Network Advisor, AIS Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement

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